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Catamount Community Radio - March 23, 2014

The radio station has gifted me a "Power 90.5" jacket. It's nice; maybe I'll take a selfie in it. A "selfie" ... I used to think that was something other than a photograph. A self portrait in 3 colors. Get the tissue.

Hank Williams made some spoken-word recordings under the name of "Luke the Drifter." You know how rappers always have stage names: Eminem, Flava Flav, Snoop Rabbit, etc. I guess "Luke the Drifter" is Williams' rapper name. And the tune we listened to this morning does get a tad gangsta at the end:

Sunflowers waitin' for the sunshine
Violence just waitn' for you.
Bees just waiting' for honey
And honey, I'm just wait' for you.

I've always been struck - pardon the pun - by the "violence just waitin' for you" line.

Spring is here, with all its dogwoods and daffodils, even if Jim Dandy's picnic table is still covered with a foot of snow. So I trotted out the usual spring-themed songs. Carmen McRae sang "Spring can Really Hang You Up the Most"

College boys are writing sonnets
In the tender passion they're engrossed
But I'm on the shelf with last years Easter bonnets
Spring can really hang you up the most


Doctors once prescribed a tonic
Sulphur and molasses was the dose
Didn't help a bit, my condition must be chronic
Spring can really hang you up the most

All alone, the party's over
Old man winter was a gracious host
But when you keep praying for snow to hide the clover
Spring can really hang you up the most

I doubt the college boys are writing sonnets these days! But they might write "I LOVE ANGELA" in chalk on the sidewalk. Spring has never been my favorite season, for reasons Tease Elliot could enumerate for you.

Bob Dylan covered Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Morning Rain." ("You can't hop a jet plane, like you can a freight train"). I'm sure that people continue to hop freight trains these days, but I bet mainly for the thrill, not to get from point A to point B for free. It was raining this morning, which is why I walked in instead of riding my bike. I had a nice walk, counting the cans in the ditch (68).

Nick Lowe is a bad man:

Do you see the way she lights up
When I walk in the room? Thats good.
And the skip in her step
When we're both out walking in the neighborhood?

This one's almost done
Now to watch her fall apart
I trained her to love me
So I can go ahead and break her heart

If you think that it's depraved
And I should be ashamed, so what?
Im only paying back womankind
For all the grief I got.

Two versions of Ernesto Lecuona's "Siboney," one by the clarinet phenom Anat Cohen, the other a cool a cappella version by Lucrecia. Once upon a time I worked on this tune on the piano. Never did master it.

Mary Ellen wins the cover contest today, edging out Jim Dandy.

1. Two versions of "Undecided." In the first, you must identify the guitarist and in the second, the bandleader.
a) Django Reinhardt
b) Ray Charles

2. Two versions of "It Makes No Difference Now." Who's doing them?
a) Ray Charles
b) Merle Haggard

Congrats, Mary Ellen, one of these days your prize will be in the mail.

The show airs Sunday mornings 10-12 on WWCU.

1. Terence Blanchard – Morning After Celebration
2. Hank Williams – Just Waitin’
3. Carmen McRae – Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
4. Coleman Hawkins – The Sheik of Araby
5. Bob Dylan – Early Morning Rain
6. Django Reinhardt - Undecided
7. Ray Charles – Undecided
8. Paul Simon – Question for the Angels
9. Steven Bernstein – Hit the Road
10. Nick Lowe – I Trained her to Love Me
11. Bill Charlap – Fantastic Rhythm
12. Ray Charles – It Makes No Difference Now
13. Merle Haggard – It Makes No Difference Now
14. Frank Emilio – Los amigos: Gandinga, Sandunga y Mondongo
15. Tom Waits – You Can Never Hold Back Spring
16. Clarence “Gene” Shaw – Goin’ Home
17. Nick Lowe – The Man I’ve Become
18. Charles Mingus –Self-Portrait in 3 Colors
19. Johnny Hartman – It Was Almost Like a Song
20. Kenny Burrell – Azure
21. The Mighty Terror – Calypso War
22. Anat Cohen – Siboney
23. Lucrecia – Siboney
24. Hall & Oates – I’m Just a Kid (Don’t Make Me Feel Like a Man)
25. Bob Marley & the Wailers – Sugar, Sugar
26. Bill Frisell – Who Was that Girl?
27. The BPA (feat. Olly Hote) – So It Goes
28. Mombojó –Cabidela
29. Duke Ellington - Isfahan



Congrats Mary Ellen!

Ahhh, Ray Charles was my first guess on that second question. Did you see the eraser marks on the email right there? No? Oh well, but it sounded just enough of a little bit not like Ray that made me wild goose guess Harry B.
I enjoyed the challenge of today's contest. Pass the tissue.

Dandy the Pirate Trivia:
I used to go to a little Cuban restaurant called Siboney hidden in the middle of a neighborhood in Key West. They had great Cuban beans and rice dinners for el cheapo. I think you could only find it by word of mouth so I heard about it for a while before my mouth and I ever found it. And until I had actually seen it, I thought it was called the Sea Bunny. Arrrgh!

Re: Congrats Mary Ellen!

Sea bunny ...that's funny.

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