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Catamount Community Radio - February 2, 2014

I'm finally back on the velocipede. With all the snow and ice and salt, I didn't want to ride it. Today I took a spin after the show. While I feel sorry for the people who stress about driving in the snow and ice, and those who crash or slide into the creek, selfishly I like the cold, snowy days. They take me back to my northern Michigan hometown. I always liked to walk the streets on cold, snowy nights. I enjoyed the crunch of my boots in the snow, and the purple glow of the television sets in the windows of the houses. And having the whole street to myself and the occasional passing car. Roscoe and I had a walk like that here a few days ago.

I just dropped my taco on my lap. And I was planning to wear this pair of jeans another week or two before throwing it in the wash.

We listened to several versions of Johnny Mercer's "I'm an Old Cowhand from Rio Grande" this morning. Mercer is the guy who gave us the lyrics to such tunes as "Too Marvelous for Words," "Moon River," and "Autumn Leaves," among many others. "I'm an Old Cowhand" was originally a hit for Bing Crosby, who sang it in a movie. Lucy and Ethel also sang it in "I Love Lucy."

I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
But my legs ain't bowed and my cheeks ain't tan
I'm a cowboy who never saw a cow
Never roped a steer cause I don't know how
Sure ain't a fixing to start in now
Yippie yi yo kayah

I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
And I learned to ride, ride, ride 'fore I learned to stand
I'm a riding fool who is up to date
I know every trail in the Lone Star State
Cause I ride the range in a Ford V-8
Yippie yi yo kayah

We're old cowhands from the Rio Grande
And we come to town just to hear the band
We know all the songs that the cowboys know
'Bout the big corral where the doggies go
We learned them all on the radio
Yippie yi yo kayah

We started with the Tex Ritter cover done in a country and western style. Then we moved on to Harry Connick's Jr's version, done in a rolling New Orleans piano style, with some added humorous asides. Before yesterday, the only version of the song I had ever heard was Sonny Rollins' instrumental jazz version. We heard that third. The last version was that of Joshua Redman. His version is the least faithful to the original song, but it's pretty happening.

Mary Ellen and Jim Dandy tie on the cover contest, with three out of four.

1. Who is covering the Box Tops' "Soul Deep"? - Tina Turner

2. Who wrote, and what is the name of the tune that Adam Rafferty is playing on his guitar? - Stevie Wonder, "Superstition"

3. We heard Faron Young cover "Almost Persuaded," which was originally a hit for David Houston. But it's been covered by, among others, George Jones, Etta James, Tammy Waynette, and Louis Armstrong.

4. Whose tune is it that Aretha is covering? - The Doobie Brothers, "What a Fool Believes"

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Carolina hours) on Power 90.95.

1. Donny McCaslin – Isfahan
2. Nick Lowe – Somebody
3. Larry Goldings – Beautiful Dreamer
4. Jackson 5 – Rockin’ Robbin
5. Elvis Presley – Blue Moon
6. Freddie King – Hide Away
7. Coleman Hawkins – Bean at the Met
8. Joshua Redman – Sweet Nasty
9. Tina Turner – Soul Deep
10. Tex Ritter – I’m an Old Cowhand
11. Harry Connick Jr. – I’m an Old Cowhand
12. Don Gibson – Sweet Dreams
13. The Beatles – I’m a Loser
14. Adam Rafferty – Superstition
15. Frank Sinatra – South to a Warmer Place
16. Roberta Flack – If I Fell
17. Sonny Rollins – I’m an Old Cowhand
18. The Beatles – Till There was You
19. Herbie Nichols – The Third World
20. Nick Lowe – Hope for Us All
21. Faron Young – Almost Persuaded
22. Allen Toussaint – Blue Drag
23. Roy Hargrove – Polka Dots and Moonbeams
24. Aretha Franklin – What a Fool Believes
25. Laurie Anderson – O Superman
26. Joshua Redman – I’m an Old Cowhand
27. Tex Ritter – I’m an Old Cowhand




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