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Catamount Community Radio - December 8, 2013

It's a beautiful gray, rainy day... perfect for listening to the radio. I walked in today, since my velocipede was in my office. I used the umbrella a bit, and then put it away as the rain turned into a light mist. Why was my bike in my office? Because I got a ride home on Friday. I had gone to the U Club, because it was oyster night. I played guitars with another dude who was there. I haven't played guitar in so long that my fingertips are still sore. I admitted as much on Facebook and a dude called me a WUSSY. You know what? I AM a Wussy, and proud of it. But I'm a Wussy who will always be willing to lend a helping hand. Eric's songs were easy to learn. E, E minor, D, G, A minor, A, A7, B7. Those were the only chords I played the whole night. At the end, it was time to polish off the oysters. Believe me, I did my part. I must have eaten thirty or forty oysters that night. So good.

My friend Jim Dandy has been cooking up a storm. Slightly jealous since I haven't cooked in a long time. I'll tell you what I did do: I bought a can of smoked trout, and ate it on locally-baked wheat bread with a bit of mayonnaise. Oh god, it was good. I think I feel a big ol' pot of beans coming on. I love me some beans.

As I write this sentence, I'm listening to Lou Reed. I have theory, probably all wrong, about Lou Reed. The consensus is that Lou Reed is "cool." I never think of him that way. I think of Lou Reed as the awkward kid who says the sort of things that the cool kids would never say. Therein lies his coolness: in not being afraid to say what he wants to say. I would be the type that would make the record, but I would be too embarrassed to release it.

John Lennon died 33 years today. 33, that was Christ's age when he was hung on the cross. I played a little tribute, but didn't say anything. "Glass Onion," a meta-Beatles song: a Beatle song about the Beatles and Beatles songs. Then my favorite Lennon solo number, "Hold On." I don't know why I like the tune so much, but I can tell you this much, it's not because of the Cookie Monster. My favorite Beatles albums are Revolver, Rubber Soul and the White Album. Revolver and Rubber Soul, understandable: the Beatles were at the height of their creativity, and were totally on the same page. But by the time of the White Album they were squabbling. So how come the album is so good? I mean, there is some stuff on there I don't care for, but so much genius. I just leave that comment out there. Talking about the Beatles with my boss the other day, he says he likes "Hey Jude." I don't get it; "Hey Jude" is probably my LEAST favorite Beatles song. I would never listen to it on purpose; only under duress.


I was listening to a podcast of some radio show the other day, because Nick Lowe was the guest. They had come up with this binary opposition: funny and not funny. The thing of it is is that "funny" doesn't necessarily mean funny. It's more about attitude, about not taking yourself too seriously. So, for instance, David Letterman has to be classified as "not funny," even though he's funny. If you were to ride the elevator with him, do you think he would joke around with you? So here go some examples:

Nick Lowe: funny
Bono: not funny
Neil Young: not funny
Ringo Starr: funny
George Harrison: funny
Bruce Springsteen: not funny
Willie Nelson: funny
Prince: not funny
Bob Dylan: not clear whether he's funny or not funny
Dolly Parton: funny
John Lennon: not funny
Paul McCartney: not funny
Alice Cooper: funny
Early Beatles: funny
Late Beatles: not funny, although sometimes funny
Jimmy Kimmel: funny
Michael Jordan: not funny
LeBron James: funny
George Clooney: funny
Tom Waits: funny, I think
Wynton Marsalis: not funny
Eddie Van Halen: not funny
Bon Jovi: not funny
Bootsy Collins: funny
George Clinton: funny
James Brown: not funny
Jim Dandy: funny
X.Ray Burns: funny

Besides Dolly, all men. Sorry about that.

Brought the cover contest back today:

1. Who is organist Pete Levin covering? - Steely Dan, "Deacon Blues"

2. Whose tune is Gladys Knight covering? - "Help Me Make It Through the Night," by Kris Kristofferson

3. "Old Toy Trains." Whose tune is it and who is covering it? Roger Miller / Nick Lowe

4. Bob Marley covers "What's New Pussycat"? Tom Jones was the one who sang it, but it was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Jim Dandy wins, but Mary Ellen and Susan gave him a run for his money. I wonder where that expression comes from.

Santa gave a five-pound bag of money to everyone who listened to the show today. Sunday mornings 10-12 (Right Coast). Ask your doctor if Catamount Community Radio is right for you.

1. Ben Allison – Charlie Brown’s Psychedelic Christmas
2. Lowell Fulson – Lonesome Christmas, Pt. 1
3. Chris Biesterfeldt – Freedom Jazz Dance
4. Marcus Roberts – I’llk Be Home for Christmas
5. The Beatles – Glass Onion
6. John Lennon – Hold On
7. Nick Lowe – A Dollar Short of Happy
8. Charlie Parker – White Christmas
9. Pete Levin – Deacon Blues
10. Pearl Bailey – A Five Pound Box of Money
11. Chuck Berry – Merry Christmas, Baby
12. Futuristic Ensemble – Flashes
13. Gladys Knight – Help Me Make it Through the Night
14. Ray Charles – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
15. John Lewis – December, Remember
16. Youssou N’Dour – Tourista
17. Buck Owens – Here Comes Santa Claus Again
18. Mel Tormé – The Christmas Song
19. Roger Miller – Old Toy Trains
20. Nick Lowe – Old Toy Trains
21. Baris Manço – Lambaya Püf De
22. Bill Charlap – Fantastic Rhythm
23. Sahib Shihab – Bohemia After Dark
24. Chuck Berry – Run, Rudolph, Run
25. Bob Marley & the Wailers – What’s New Pussycat?
26. William Bell – Every Davy Will Be Like a Holiday
27. Leadbelly – On a Christmas Day
28. Nick Lowe – Christmas at the Airport
29. Marc Ribot – Happiness is a Warm Gun
30. John Coltrane - Satellite




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