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Catamount Community Radio - November 24, 2013

We have arctic air blowing through, blues skies without a cloud in sight. At the station this morning I noticed that someone had thrown garbage into the recycling, and paper into the trash. The world is upside down. I turned it right side up.

I did my annual Thanksgiving show, which included Howard Nemerov reading his poem, "Thanksgrieving." I transcribed this from a recording, so I have no idea of how accurate I am with the line breaks.

Infant mortality didn't, as they say, claim me,
though it damn near did.
So I grew what they call 'up.'

To the childhood illnesses routine for those times
I added only paratyphoid on my own.
I was never starved nor did my parents whip me or leave me chained to the bed.
Nor did I get born a Jew in Germany.
Plus, I went to their war and didn't die of it.

Leaving aside my adventures among the dentists
(your teeth are fine but those gums have got to go),
my skirmishes with medicine include but a couple of major operations
and a few discomfortable bothers with skeleton and strings.

I have so far stayed out of asylums and jails
and given the smawth and fewth of my abilities,
have been lucky in being steadily employed.

I'm still with the same dame,
have three sons;
have lost to death up to this day only a few family
and five good friends. So help me, life,
I may still make it to the end."

William DeVaughan:

Though you may not drive
A great big Cadillac
Gangster whitewalls
TV antennas in the back

You may not have a car at all
But remember, brothers and sisters
You can still stand tall

Just be thankful
For what you've got'

I bookmarked the show with Sly and the Family Stone.

I previewed a tune from Nick Lowe's new Christmas album, even though normally I don't play any Christmas music this early. But it's Nick Lowe, for pete's sake!

Jim Dandy wins the cover contest.

1. What tune is Larry Goldings playing? - "Take Me Out to the Ball Park"

2. "I Thank You" an old Sam and Dave tune done by Tom Jones and Tower of Power

3. Sachal Studio Orchestra played Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"

4. Rufus Wainwright did Neil Young's "Harvest"

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (East Coast time), on WWCU.

1. Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You (Falletin Me be Mice Elf Again)
2. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – Sunday
3. Marcus Roberts – Jitterbug Waltz
4. Nick Lowe – When I Write the Book
5. Larry Goldings – Take Me Out to the Ball Park
6. Mark Ribot – Fiesta en el solar
7. William de Vaughan – Be Thankful for What You Got
8. Duke Ellington – Jubilesta
9. Howard Nemerov – Thanksgrieving
10. Southside Johnny & the Asbury Dukes – Thank You
11. Bill Frisell – Days of Wine and Roses
12. Tower of Power (with Tom Jones) – I Thank You
13. Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep
14. Larry Goldings – Back in the Day
15. Faron Young – Hello, Walls
16. Chet Atkins – Jitterbug Waltz
17. Al Tharp – Boatin’ Up Sandy
18. Sachal Studio Orchestra – Take Five
19. Dele Sosimi – T.M.I.
20. The Funk Brothers – Behold
21. Nick Lowe – Christmas Can’t be Far Away
22. Nick Lowe – Different Kind of Blue
23. Marc Ribot – Choserito Plena
24. Marc Ribot – It Could Have Been Very, Very Beautiful
25. Rufus Wainwright – Harvest
26. Sonny Rollins – I’m an Old Cowhand
27. Sly and the Family Stone – Thankful and Thoughtful

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