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Catamount Community Radio - November 17, 2013

I drove to Asheville and back yesterday by myself. I drove slow, listened to the radio (stole some ideas for tunes to play from that station in Spindale). Came home, prepared today's show, threw some Frisbee to Roscoe, and what happened to the day? Glen Jones is playing "Band on the Run." Whether this was how it really was or not, my recollection is that at one point my record collection consisted of two 45s: "Band on the Run" and Grand Funk Railroad's "Locomotion." We had this little plastic record player, I remember sitting on the concrete slab outside the back door listening to them over and over. I think we bought those records at the grocery store.

Besides the cover contest, I featured different versions of Edddie Harris's "Freedom Jazz Dance." Besides the original, we heard covers by Kahil El'Zabar's "Ethnic Herigage Ensemble" as well as that of "urban mandolinist" Chris Biesterfeldt.

Some good lyrics today. Check out Lorenz Hart's use of internal rhyme:

I'll sing to him,
each spring to him
And worship the trousers
that cling to him
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered
am I.

Hart also rhymes "dyspeptic" with "antiseptic." The dyspepsia generation!

How about "Amnesia" by the Del McCoury band:

Don't you remember
when your car fell all to pieces
and I drove you around
and found the best mechanic?

Don't you remember
when his charges left you speechless
and I paid him off
and told you not to panic?

If you've forgotten
how hard I tried to please you
they ought to treat you
for amnesia.

Or how about these lyrics by Don George:

You left me a horse from Texas,
A house with installments due,
A letter with lots of x's
Everything but you.

You left me some beans from Boston,
A bicycle built for two,
A memory to get lost in,
Everything but you.

Each day was so gay and so daring,
I loved every breathtaking minute,
For how could I know I was sharing
A kiss without a future in it.

You left me a dream to room with,
A coffee pot from peru,
A knife and fork to spoon with,
Everything but you.

Jim Dandy wins the Cover Contest with only one of three. Mary Ellen missed the show; she was driving to South Carolina to get some special Mexican food ... I hope it is good! All covers played by Larry Goldings, either on piano or organ.

1. "All I Want." (Joni Mitchell)
2. "Big Brother" (Stevie Wonder)
3. Either the song title or a movie or TV show in which the song is played: "Beautiful Dreamer"

Here's the answer from the know-it-alls at Wikipedia:

"The song has been heard in various forms in many films, including Gone with the Wind; Duel in the Sun; The Night of the Grizzly; Mighty Joe Young; The Death Collector; Batman (1989); The Secret Life of Walter Mitty; the animated An American Tail; Drop Dead Gorgeous; Friends 'Til The End; Office Space; the Marx Brothers's Go West; The Old Chisholm Trail; and The Naked Spur. In Young Frankenstein (1974), the song is also referenced, when the ghoulish Marty Feldman, hearing a shrill and anguished female wail from a remote dungeon, smiles and (almost) sings "beautiful screamer ....

"Gerry Goffin and Jack Keller wrote a doo-wop version, which took considerable liberties with the original. This version was released as a single by Tony Orlando in 1963 and was a regular part of Rory Storm and The Hurricanes' live performances.

"In television, the song has been heard in episodes and programs that include The Berenstain Bears and the Talent Show; The Berenstain Bears and the Female Fullback; Rawhide; Garfield and Friends; The Care Bears; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Saved by the Bell; All That; Kenan & Kel; Drake and Josh, SpongeBob SquarePants, That's So Raven; Rugrats; Johnny Bravo;Cat in the Hat; Peter Gunn; Little House on the Prairie; Our Gang; The Twilight Zone; Wind at My Back; Leonardo; Bonanza ' Shining Time Station and in Gerry Anderson's 1970 series UFO, where Paul Foster sings it in a sauna at the end of the episode "Ordeal". It has also be included in BBC America's Copper and is featured on the Copper: Original Soundtrack.

"It has also been used for background music on spoken recordings."

Catamount Community, Sunday morns 10-12 (Right Coast) on WWCU

1. Abdullah Ibrahim – The Mountain
2. Cobb’s Mob – I Miss You, My Love
3. Ella Fitzgerald – Bewitched
4. Andrew Hill – Ball Squeeze
5. Brenda Lee – Break it to me Gently
6. Eddie Harris – Freedom Jazz Dance
7. Larry Goldings – All I Want
8. Wild Bill Davis – The Madison
9. Dele Sosimi – Di Bombs
10. Larry Goldings – Big Brother
11. Del McCoury – Amnesia
12. Desi Rock – Challa
13. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Freedom Jazz Dance
14. Cornelius – Tone Twilight Zone
15. MTO – Pennies From Heaven
16. Thelonious Monk – Everything Happens to Me
17. Bob Dylan – When I Paint my Masterpiece
18. Larry Goldings – Beautiful Dreamer
19. Chris Chris Biesterfeldt – Freedom Jazz Dance
20. Conway Twitty – Walk me to the Door
21. Sarah Vaughan – Everything but You
22. Sun Ra – State Street
23. Abdullah Ibrahim & Archie Schepp - Moniebah

Sarah Vaughan


Beautiful Screamer. haha

I should have gotten Gone With The Wind, as I just watched it a couple days ago and I (now) remember noticing it in the film and wondering if that was it's first appearance or if it just happened to be a song from that time in American history.

Re: Beautiful Screamer. haha

I've been having a hard time posting, finally I think I have the page as I want it.

I would have never gotten that question. I would have answered "The Wonderful World of Disney."

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