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Catamount Community Radio - September 29, 2013

I've been pretty busy lately. Not too busy to be checking my Facebook every few minutes, but too busy to play basketball, to write a poem, to practice the sax or the piano. I lead a privileged life, for which I'm thankful (Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday .... for Jim Dandy ... I'm thinking Halloween!), but one of my favorite fantasies is having no commitments, so that I can do the best kind of work: the kind you want to do. I wouldn't mind doing the occasional snow shoveling, but other than that ... I'll tell you one thing, radio for me is not work!

Here's a joke (you need to know that the Spanish word for baby chick is "pollito"). Pollito and James Bond are on an airplane. Pollito is curious so he asks, "What is your name?" To which James Bond replies, "Bond, James Bond." And then Bond asks, "And what's yours?" Pollito says, "Llito, Po-llito." (Here if you insert canned laughter, it improves the quality of the joke.)

It's great to have so many of my Mancelona people tuning in, even if they no longer reside in Mancy: Susan, Therese, Jim Dandy, Marna. I wonder if, on the internet, I have more Mancelona people tuning in or more locals. Speaking of my Mancelona people, several entered this week's cover contest. I'm holding off on announcing a winner for the time being, but it looks like it might be Jim Dandy.

1. (They Long to Be) Close to You - who is covering it, and whose tune was it, originally? Harry Connick Jr, covering the Carpenters.

2. Sade, "Still in Love with You" - Who(m) is she covering (I consider the m to be optional) - Thin Lizzy. Mary Ellen deciphered my hint ("Los chicos are once again in the ciudad"), but still got it wrong.

3. Miley Cyrus is covering ....? - Bob Dylan, "You're Gonna Make me Lonesome when You Go." I put the video on my Facebook, and Jim tells me that many have been doing that. I didn't know.... hmmm. Am I thinking like other people are thinking? Maybe Miley should take the hint and do a country rock album. That's what I'm thinking.

4. The Beatles' "Savoy Truffle." Which Beatle? And who's doing the covering. George Harrison / They Might Be Giants.

CCR, Sunday morns 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU.

1. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – Sunday
2. Dinah Washington – September in the Rain
3. Lester Young – Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
4. Nick Lowe – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
5. Earl Hines – Linger Awhile
6. Terri Clarke & Vince Gill – I Can’t Keep You in Love with Me
7. Dizzy Gillespie – September Song
8. Maceo Parker – Latin Like
9. Harry Connick, Jr. – (They Long to be) Close to You
10. NEXT Collective – Perth
11. Frank Sinatra – There Used to be a Ballpark
12. Frank Zappa – Sheik Your Booty Tango
13. Harry Connick, Jr. – You Didn’t Know me When
14. Sonny Rollins – St. Thomas
15. Sade – Still in Love with You
16. Ry Cooder – Ditty Wah Ditty
17. Frank Catalano – Bang!
18. Sarah Vaughan & Clifford Brown – September Song
19. Miley Cyrus – You’re Gonna Make me Lonesome When You Go
20. Frankie Tumbauer & Bix Biderbeck – Singin’ the Blues
21. Gale Garnett – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine
22. They Might Be Giants – Savoy Truffle
23. Gilham Park Orchetet – Pharmacies of Tamaulipas
24. Fats Waller – Two Sleepy People
25. Brooklyn Rider - Crosstown




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