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Catamount Community Radio - September 1, 2013

I was off early enough today to be able to ride my velocipede to the station today. As I was climbing the hill up to the station I came across a girl in a dress who was probably on her way to church. I said hi and she said good morning. I rode a little bit, and then for some reason I turned around to look at her again. I caught her taking a picture of me. I think she was embarrassed. I was embarrassed for having embarrassed her. There is an "ass" in "embarrassed," and speaking of asses, I felt one of the dumb variety when I realized that I had forgotten my headphones. At least the spousal unit was kind enough to jump into the car and bring them to me.

Today's theme was blindness. One of the things they teach you in graduate school is that language is inherently metaphorical, and that there is no essential, intrinsic relation between words and and that which they represent. So, since we have opposable thumbs, we say things like "he can't grasp that idea," or "he can't handle it," or "I'm being manipulated" (the man in manipulate etymologically meaning "hand"). Just as prevalent is metaphorical language having to do with sight. When I sign off each week by saying "I'll see you next week" I certainly don't mean that I'm going to see you (but you can see me if you wish, since the studio camera is trained right on my bald pate); but rather simply that, through the magic of radio, we'll be together. Even the word blindness itself doesn't always mean the inability to see, but rather an inability to perceive things, whether they be visible or not. Sight is the visual sense, but insight is the ability to understand things that are not readily apparent. You see what I'm saying?

Blind musicians we heard today? New Orleans piano man Marcus Roberts, Ray Charles, North Carolina roots musician Doc Watson, Puerto Rican singer and guitarist José Feliciano (who once had a hit covering the Doors' "Light my Fire"), Moondog (who would dress as a viking and busk on the streets of Midtown Manhattan), Rahsaan Roland Kirk (who could play three saxes at once), Bluesmen Blind Willie McTell and Blind Blake, George Shearing, Lennie Tristano, and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

It was Mary Ellen who suggested this topic to me.

Dandy regains supremacy in the cover contest this week.

1.Who had a hit with Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded by the light"? - Manfred Mann's Earth band, man. I wonder if they were a one-hit wonder, or if they had other hits. I'm not going to check the internet.

2. What is the Dirty Dozen Brass Band covering? - Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues."

3. The World Saxophone Quartet covered "If 6 was 9" and Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan covered "Castles Made of Sand." Who wrote these tunes? - Jimi Hendrix

4. Tell me as much as you can.

Song: Blinded by Science
By: Thomas Dolby
Covered by: William Shatner
Featuring: Bootsy Collins

Bootsy: "William Shatner, gettin' down just for the funk of it!"

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings1 10-12 on WWCU.

1. Cassandra Wilson – Love is Blindness
2. Marcus Roberts – Solitude
3. Moondog – All is Lonliness
4. Doc Watson – Intoxicated Radio
5. George Shearing – Mambo Inn
6. Ray Charles – Heaven Help Us All
7. Stevie Wonder – Boogie On, Reggae Woman
8. Moondog – Snaketime
9. Bruce Springsteen – Blinded by the Light
10. José Feliciano – Usted
11. Art Tatum – I’ve Got the World on a String
12. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Petite Fleur
13. Ray Charles – Undecided
14. Blind Boys of Alabama – People Get Ready
15. Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Inner City Blues
16. Moondog – Be a Hobo
17. Etta James – I’d Rather go Blind
18. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – I’ll be Seeing You
19. Stevie Wonder – I Wish
20. Marcus Roberts – Maple Leaf Rag
21. Marcus Roberts – Monk’s Mood
22. World Saxophone Quartet – If 6 was 9
23. Chaka Khan – Castles Made of Sand
24. Count Basie – The Dirty Dozens
25. Blind Willie McTell – Lord Tell me an Angel
26. Blind Blake – Ditty Wah Ditty
27. Blind Boys of Alabama – Atom Bomb
28. Doc Watson & David Holt – Freight Train
29. William Shaner – She Blinded me with Science
30. Lennie Tristano – C Minor Complex
31. Golden Gate Quartet – Blind Barnabus
32. Marcus Roberts – Single Petal of a Rose




of course

Well, I went camping and was blind to any technology to include cell phone, so I missed your show. Perhaps you have a recording of it, so I can see how it went with the cool theme? Catch you next Sunday.


Re: of course

missed ya.

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