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Catamount Community Radio - August 18, 2013

I wonder why Facebook keeps trying to sell me Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist as an audiobook. I don't want to read this book. It's probably uplifting, and as a matter of principle I don't read uplifting books. What's more, I don't listen to books, or read them on a screen, I like to hold them in my hands, and spill coffee on their pages. So stop it, Facebook, it's getting annoying.

Last Sunday I was in Michigan, so there was no show. I was happy to be back today. For me, Sunday morning (and afternoon, for that matter) means radio. I do my show, then head to my office where I listen to the Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X.Ray Burns until three on WFMU. I'm hooked on those New Jersey douches.

Couldn't resist playing the "Welcome Back Kotter" theme. Do you remember that show? My colleague tells me that Juan Epstein's real name is Juan Luis Pedro Felipo de Huevos Epstein. "De Huevos"? Are you kiddin' me?

Eydie Gormé died last Saturday. I just read her Wikipedia entry and found out that she was of Sephardic Jewish heritage, and was born in the Bronx. Neil Sedaka was her cousin. I had to play her singing a bolero with Los Panchos.

The cover contest is back. Jim Dandy wins this week.

1. Who wrote the tunes and who covered them? Tom Waits wrote them.

a) Bob Seger covered "Downtown Train."
b) Madeliene Peyroux covered "(Looking for) the Heart of Saturday Night."

2. Who wrote the tune and who covered it? "Lovesick Blues," by Hank Williams

a) Bill Frisell (my hint for Dandy was that it's not Chet Atkins)
b) George Strait (my hint was that he's not crooked)

3. Who had a hit in the seventies with "Tell me Something Good" and who is covering it?

a) Chaka Khan with Rufus
b) Lee "Scratch" Perry

4. Who wrote these two songs and who are covering them? - Nick Lowe

a) "So it Goes" - The BPA (featuring Olly Hite)
b) "Without Love" - Johnny Cash

Jim, it's always Nick Lowe! (if it's not Cassandra Wilson). You know in the summer, he played some festival in England. Elton John and Elvis Costello had their names in a big-ass font, but Nick's name was below and in smaller letters. I couldn't help but wish his name were in bigger letters.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Right Coast) on WWCU.

1. Miles Davis – On Green Dolphin Street
2. Charlie Parker – Out of Nowhere
3. John Sebastian – Welcome Back Kotter Theme
4. Lennie Tristano – C Minor Complex
5. Eddie Kendricks – Keep on Truckin’
6. Nick Lowe – Man I’ve Become
7. Bob Seger – Downtown Train
8. Madeleine Peyroux – (Looking for) the Heart of Saturday Night
9. Jewels & Binoculars – Spirit on the Water
10. Randy Weston – Off Minor / Thelonious
11. Bill Frisell – Lovesick Blues
12. George Strait – Lovesick Blues
13. Art Pepper – Mambo de la pinto
14. Charles Mingus – Alice’s Wonderland
15. Songhai – De la noche a la mañana
16. Lee “Scratch” Perry – Tell Me something Good
17. Eydie Gormé & Trío Los Panchos – Fuego bajo tu piel
18. Les Jazz Modes – Linda Delia
19. Eddy Lois – Mazurca cacodou
20. The BPA (featuring Olly Hite) – So It Goes
21. Johnny Cash – Without Love
22. Sam Rivers – Turquoise
23. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Lady’s Blues
24. Dave Holland – Conference of the Birds
25. Neil Young – Birds
26. Nick Lowe – Different Kind of Blue
27. John Lewis – December, Remember


And so it goes

haha, I had originally typed Nick Lowe as my guess and then, remembering that you just nixed my Chet Atkins answer right after I typed it, changed the answer to Howard (I was trying to remember Howard Jones.)
THEN, after I dispatched the email, I googled it and found what turned out to be another wrong answer of Billy Joel. Oh well. That was still fun. I almost said a guy from the 80's with a snazzy suit jacket.
I guess I'm going to have to add Bil Frizzle to my stable of stand by answers. (But you didn't here that from me.)
Next week, now that I have internet, hooray, I will switch to the Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X.Ray Burns until three on WFMU, and see what those New Jersey douches are selling you. Then we can spend the whole day together! Yay! haha
I'm also happy to once again have access to WXYC Chapel Hill, but it was not an upbeat show at noon today, so I went to Pandora instead for some reggae.
Well Good Times (not the tv show) Welcome Back!
Jimmy "Don't Call Me Chet" Frizzle

Re: And so it goes

Oh Happy Day. I just went to WFMU and those those Glen Jones shows are archived so I am listening now.
Thanks for the tip!

Re: And so it goes

For me it was an acquired taste, sort of like whiskey. When I first started listening I was like, what is this crap? Led Zep and Elvis on WFMU? .. and then conversations about Lipton soup and grilled cheese sandwiches? But with time I started feeling that I knew them; there's a special chemistry, sometimes almost to the point where I know what X.Ray is going to say before he says it. X.Ray invited me to visit station in Jersey City for the show, and I've done it a couple of times. I'm IBJ: "International Brotherhood of Jones." There's something lacking in a Sunday without Jonesy. As I listen I keep my radio notebook open and jot down things X.Ray says, and post them on FB on the "Sh&t X.Ray Burns Says" page, where, for some reason, I have been given administrator status. I hope you like it.


start of the premiership season

Hey Mark:

Sorry I missed the show today. It was the start of the English football season this weekend. I was watching the Chelsea game with Lauren and our British friends. Should catch it next week........


Re: start of the premiership season

next week!

April 2019



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