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Catamount Community Radio - July 28, 2013

Slowly and silently the summer Sundays slip away ... And what do I have to show for it? The only thing sure is the show. Ah, but life is too important to be taken seriously, as Oscar Wilde once said. So I do my best to follow the philosophy of Alfred E. Newman, and say to myself, what? me worry? Everything will be alright. My blood pressure might even go down.

When the Sundays of a given month - for example July 2013 - are nice, clean multiples of seven, I always know the date. If July 2013 were to continue indefinitely into the future, next Sunday would be July 35 and the following Sunday, July 42, etc.

I played some Sam Rivers today. I like the kinda "outside" sound he has, both on sax and on flute. I think I'll play some more next week.

Mary Ellen wins the cover contest this week, with three out of seven. Dandy failed to defend his heavyweight champion of the cover contest title, but I'm sure he'll bounce back next week. Mixing my metaphors (what are metaphors good for if you can't mix 'em?), you could say I struck him out with three curve balls. I've already got one question ready to go for next week.

1. Whom is Rickie Lee Jones covering? "Show Biz Kids" by Steely Dan ... I just about had a heart attack when I heard one line of the tune. It contained a word that George Carlin might say, but that is not supposed to be sent out over the airwaves. I was remiss in not listening to the song in its entirety before broadcasting it over the radio. Mary Ellen dug it, and says she's going to buy it on iTunes. I'm going to listen to the original Steely Doobie version to see which one I like better.

2. Three-part question: Whom are Larry Goldings and Harry Allen covering, who composed the song and what's the title?

a) Dusty Springfield
b) Burt Bacharach
c) "The Look of Love"

3. Who is doing the cover, and whom is he covering? - Nick Lowe, Buddy Holly

4. Whom is saxophonist James Carter covering with " Blue Hawaiin"? - Pavement. I could have never gotten this one; I've never listened to Pavement in my life.

Concgratulations, Mary Ellen.

Anibal Velásquez, doing "Mambo loco." Seriously loco.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (ET) on WWCU Cullowhee.

1. Larry Goldings – Big Brother
2. Tin Hat Trio – Helium
3. Eartha Kitt – C’est si bon
4. Jelly Roll Morton – Shreveport Stomp
5. Omer Avital – Arrival
6. Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Point
7. Rickie Lee Jones – Chuck E.’s in Love
8. Rickie Lee Jones – Show Biz Kids
9. Don Byron – Blue Bubbles
10. Bob Wills – Bubbles in my Beer
11. Charlie Parker – Star Eyes
12. Mulquen Mellese – Gizie Degu Neger
13. Larry Goldings & Harry Allen – The Look of Love
14. Raymond Scott – Moment Magical
15. Andrew Hill & Lee Konitz – Invitation
16. Lee Dorsey – Who’s Gonna Help a Brother
17. Nick Lowe – Changing all those Changes
18. Sam Rivers – Turquoise
19. NEXT Collective – Perth
20. Buck Owens – Under the Influence of Love
21. Antonio Arcaño – Mambo
22. Anibal Velásquez – Mambo loco
23. Alex Cuba Band – Baílalo ahora
24. Sonny Stitt – After You’ve Gone
25. James Carter – Blue Hawaiin
26. J.J. Cale – Hey Baby
27. Ojos de Brujo – Guarachas
28. Aki Takase – Battle Royal
29. The Coasters – Cool Jerk
30. Sam Rivers - Bubbles


Hint: It's Always Nick Lowe!

Mark is always kind not to mention how many of my correct answers are just lucky guesses. And I always include the thought process that led to my deduction.
As an example, today I had no clue to this double hitter but my deductions were submitted to him like this...

A Buddy Holly song (because it sounds like Buddy Holly) and covered by Nick Lowe(because it's always Nick Lowe) is my Divinely Inspired and Totally Out-of-the-Air guess. I actually have no idea.

That said...I'll Be Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Re: Hint: It's Always Nick Lowe!

Nick is doing some shows in the Northeast soon, he'll be in Maine, not sure exactly what day

695 Dug Way Road, Brownfield, Maine 04010

Edited at 2013-07-28 07:33 pm (UTC)

Re: Hint: It's Always Nick Lowe!

"Stone Mountain Arts Center"

November 2018



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