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Catamount Community Radio - June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day. I think that's the right place for the apostrophe. But I can see why you might put it after the s: It's a day for all fathers: Fathers' Day. I can also see the case that could be made for omitting it altogether: "fathers" as a noun that functions as an adjective, like Boxing Day or hump day.

Started with George Benson, doing "Song for my Father." A jazz cat who plays in a bluesy style. He can sing too, but sometimes I like it better when he just plays his guitar. Sister Rosetta Tharpe wants a tall skinny papa, but Dinah Washington prefers her fat daddy. The Cosmic Rays, a doo-wop group associated with Sun Ra, did "Daddy's Gonna Tell You no Lies." T-Bone Walker did "Papa Ain't Salty." We need to bring that term back: "salty." Fats Waller did "Ol' Grand Dad." Anita O'Day sang "My Heart Belongs to Daddy."

While tearing off a game of golf
I may make a play for the caddy
But when I do, I don’t follow through
‘cause my heart belongs to Daddy.

Jim Dandy wins the cover contest ... AGAIN .... with two out of four.

1. What Earth Wind & Fire hit is bassist Brian Bromberg covering? - "Shining Star."
2. Who is trumpeter Dave Douglas covering? - Rufus Wainwright, "Poses."
3. Who is covering Hank Williams' "Cold, Cold Heart"? - Norah Jones.
4. Who are Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Smith covering? - Roger Miller, "King of the Road."

Deep Purple. Jim Dandy quips, "I've never heard of shallow colors like shallow red, or a shallow blue. It could be a good name for a band that does acoustic covers of Deep Purple tunes. Shallow Purple performs Smoke on the water, live from the kiddie pool. Coming soon to a Holiday Inn near you!" This morning we heard both the song and the band. I heard that Deep Purple holds the record for loudest band ever. If ever there was a band her turned the amps up to eleven...

We heard a couple from Maceo, who plays it like Maceo, because he is Maceo.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (right coast time) on WWCU-FM.

1. George Benson – Song for my Father
2. Lee Konitz – Indian Summer
3. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – I Want a Tall Skinny Papa
4. Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis – Tangerine
5. Brook Benton – Mother Nature, Father Time
6. Irving Anderson – Waffles
7. Fontella Bass – Brown Eyed Handsome Man
8. Bill Charlap – Ohio
9. Brian Bromberg – Shining Star
10. Cosmic Rays – Daddy’s Gonna Tell You no Lies
11. Maceo Parker – Simply Tooley
12. T-Bone Walker – Papa Ain’t Salty
13. Dave Douglas – Poses
14. Dinah Washington – Fat Daddy
15. Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Dream
16. Andrew Hill – Invitation
17. Art Tatum – Deep Purple
18. Deep Purple – Vincent Price
19. Stanley Turrentine – Deep Purple
20. Norah Jones – Cold, Cold Heart
21. Frank Zappa – Father Oblivion
22. Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery – King of the Road
23. Anita O’Day – My Heart Belongs to Daddy
24. Maceo Parker – Rabbits in the Pea Patch
25. Fats Waller – Ol’ Grand Dad
26. James Brown – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
27. Jason Moran – Gangsterism Over 10 Years

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