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Catamount Community Radio - May 19, 2013

I'm eating leftover shrimp and rice, well, mostly just rice because the Issue ate most of the shrimp last night! At least there's one in there.

Riding my bike home from the gym the other day a fox came out of the bushes onto the road. Then he (I imagined him as a he) saw me, and turned around quickly and back into the bushes he was gone!

Mary Ellen wins the cover contest this week, with two out of four correct. Last week's winner Jim Dandy came in second place.

1. Who is Madeleine Peyroux covering on "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go"? - Bob Dylan
2. Who is covering Deep Purple's "Some on the Water" - Señor Coconut
3. Who is covering the Door's "Light my Fire"? - José Feliciano
4. Who is covering Cindy Lauper's "Time After Time"? - Cassandra Wilson

I already have a couple ideas for next week's contest. Here's a clue, though, from Edgar Poe's "The Purloined Letter":

"This game is simple, and is played with marbles. One player holds in his hand a number of these toys, and demands of another whether that number is even or odd. If the guess is right, the guesser wins one; if wrong, he loses one. The boy to whom I allude won all the marbles of the school. Of course, he had some principle of guessing; and this lay in mere observation and measurement of the astuteness of his opponents. For example, an arrant simpleton is his opponent, and, holding up his closed hand, asks, 'Are they even or odd?' Our school-boy replies, 'Odd,' and loses; but upon the second trial he wins, for he then says to himself: 'The simpleton had them even upon the first trial, and his amount of cunning is just sufficient to make him have them odd upon the second; I will therefore guess odd'; he guesses odd, and wins. Now, with a simpleton a degree above the first, he would have reasoned thus: 'This fellow finds that in the first instance I guessed odd, and, in the second, he will propose to himself, upon the first impulse, a simple variation from even to odd, as did the first simpleton; but then a second thought will suggest that this is too simple a variation, and finally he will decide upon putting it even as before. I will therefore guess 'even'. He guesses even, and wins."

I know now that Jim Dandy will not guess "Joni Mitchell" next week, or will he?


I dedicated a set to Dandy and Cayo: Henry Mancini's "Something for Cat," The Lovin' Spoonful's "Nashville Cats" ("they been playin' since they's babies..."), Nick Lowe's "Somebody Cares for Me," and the Flamingo's "I Only Have Eyes for You."

In the second hour, we did a "brain" set. I think those question marks are warranted. Started with a snippet of "Insane in the Brain," then a rap tune aimed at kids: Hip Science's "Brain," Sly and the Family Stone's "Can't Strain my Brain," Harry Connick, Jr.'s "If I Only Had a Brain," from the Wizzard of Oz, followed by Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains."

Got another meeting Tom, maybe we could wrap it up?
I know we'll get to common ground somehow.
Meanwhile I'll report back to my colleagues who are chewing on the doors
I guess we'll table this for now
I'm glad to see you take constructive criticism well
Thank you for your time I know we're all busy as hell
And we'll put this thing to bed
When I bash your head open

All we wanna do is eat your brains
We're not unreasonable, I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes

(Can you imagine a zombie's disappointment when setting upon the Scarecrow only to realize that he didn't have a brain?) I finished the set up with Burning Spear's "Brain Food."

Catamount Community Radio, good for what ails ya'. Sunday mornings 10-12 (ET) on WWCU-FM.

1. Duke Ellington – The Feeling of Jazz
2. Benny Carter – This Love of Mine
3. Nick Lowe – The Man I’ve Become
4. Henry Mancini – Something for Cat
5. Jim Campilongo – Swinging with the Cats
6. The Lovin’ Spoonfuls – Nashville Cats
7. Nick Lowe – Somebody Cares for Me
8. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes for You
9. Bill Evans Trio – Woody ‘n You
10. Madeleine Peyroux – You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
11. Les Paul & The Delta Rhythm Boys – What Would It Take
12. The Beatles – Your Mother Should Know
13. Christian McBride – Chameleon
14. Sarah Vaughan – Prelude to a Kiss
15. Sun Ra – Bassism
16. Señor Coconut – Smoke on the Water
17. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
18. Cypress Hill – Insane in the Membrane (fragment)
19. Hip Science – Brain
20. Sly & the Family Stone – Can’t Strain my Brain
21. Harry Connick, Jr. – If I Only had a Brain
22. Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains
23. Burning Spear – Brain Food
24. José Feliciano – Light my Fire
25. Bo Diddley –I’ve Got a Feeling
26. Bo Diddley – Bo’s Bounce
27. Cassandra Wilson – Time After Time
28. Lloyd Glen – Sleigh Ride
29. Lester Young – I’ve Found a New Baby
30. Bill Charlap – Cool
31. Mulau Astatke – Cha Cha
32. 菅野よう子 - Cat Blues
33. Moondog – Big Cat



Re: Joni Mitchell

crows got problems
I'm going insane
zombies bash my head
found joni mitchell on my brain

got no pain
joni mitchell on my brain
crows insane
joni mitchell on my brain

Re: Joni Mitchell

...you could play Big Yellow Taxi next week and I would guess Cassandra Wilson!

Re: Joni Mitchell

You just gave me another idea!

not to be Petty...or Ringo or Roy...

So while I was kicking myself this morning for not knowing Dylan sang You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome...it occurred to me that he was in the Traveling Wilburries so at least I was in the correct coterie of crooners. haha

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