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Catamount Community Radio - May 5, 2013

From the time he discovered the show until he moved to a new castle where there was no internet, Jim Dandy was a regular listener to the program. To this day, I still try to heed his advice to "whisper a little bit louder" when I'm on the mic. Well, he has moved again, and once again has internet. So today he and Cayo listened in. Welcome back, bro! (Maybe now I can reinstate the cover contest!)

Two cool cats.

When I went to Jazz Fest a couple weeks ago, I was impressed as always by the level of musicianship of the students in the jazz ensemble, or big band, as I usually call it. They played a number of difficult arrangements of Donny McCaslin's tunes, and did very well on those charts. But when they tried their hand at the Canadian anthem, "Take the Train, eh?" you know, "Take the A Train," I couldn't help but note that, rhythmically, it was clunky. The kids just haven't yet learned how to swing. Popular wisdom has it that it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. So to remedy this situation I decided to feature the swingingest of the big bands, that of Count Basie. The arrangements of the Ellington or Jimmy Lunceford bands may have been more sophisticated but no band could swing like the Basie band. Eight tunes in all this morning.

When I prepare for the show, I often have some theme or artist in mind, but the shows are almost always so free form as to be almost formless. I just pick a bunch of tunes that I like. Only later, when reading the playlist, do I see connections or minor themes. One of the things I'd like to do in the future is more thematic shows.

I see though that I played a couple from Nick Lowe: a rocker from early on ("Crackin Up") and a late period gem, "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day." So there's a little theme right there, the evolution of Nick Lowe. I also note that I played two Billy Strayhorn compositions, "Isfahan" and "U.M.M.C" (which I think stands for "Upper Manhattan Medical Club").

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (ET) on WWCU-FM.

1. Walter Smith III – Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love
2. Count Basie – Backstage at Stuff’s
3. Keith Jarrett – Blackbird, Bye Bye
4. Esbjorn Svensson Trio – In Walked Bud
5. Count Basie – Cute
6. Nick Lowe – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
7. Donny McCaslin – Isfahan
8. Cachao – Siboney
9. Count Basie – Doggin’ Around
10. The Bad Plus – This Guy’s in Love with You
11. Pearl Bailey & Frank Sinatra – A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing
12. Cyrus Chestnut – A Stroll through Central Park
13. Count Basie – Dickie’s Dream
14. Adam Rafferty – I Wish
15. Shuggie Otis – Destination You!
16. Randy Newman – Sail Away
17. Count Basie – Lester Leaps In
18. Djavan – Lambada de serpent
19. アコースフィア – Daydream Believer
20. Osvaldo Pugliese – Adiós, Nonino
21. Frank Sinatra & Count Basie – The Best is Yet to Come
22. Count Basie – Swingin’ the Blues
23. Nick Lowe – Crackin’ Up
24. Astrid Hadad – La sombra negra
25. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Salsa verde
26. Ahmad Jamal – We Live in Two Different Worlds
27. J.C. Davis – Monkey
28. Joe Henderson – U.M.M.C.

For no reason at all


Dreamy Show, Bro.

I can see a connect the dots between アコースフィア, Dickie's Dream, and J.C. Davis.
I enjoyed the Bad Plus cover tune. It was nice to hear Pearl with Frank, then Frank with the Count. You kept your Basies loaded. The Siboney kind of reminded me of the Johnny Quest theme, until the vocals kicked in anyway.
It was great to hear your show screeeeach to a start again. I've missed this. Thanks for waiting for me!!!

Re: Dreamy Show, Bro.

Thanks, Jim! I'll hit you with quiz next Sunday!

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