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Catamount Community Radio - April 28, 2013

Two days of rain now. I like it, with the disclaimer that I miss riding my bicycle. On the other hand, several days of sunshine, and now two days of rain ... it's a recipe to put me behind the lawnmower.....In Tom Waits' voice:

Gonna get behind the mower,
Behind the mower and mow.
Gonna get behind the mower,
Behind the mower and mow.

I played Bob Dylan covering Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Mornin' Rain." ("You can't hop a jet plane / like you can a freight train."). And Caetano Veloso's "Chuvas de verão" ("Summer Rains").

George Jones died last week, so I paid him a little tribute. He's nickname was Possum; don't know why. The anecdote that I always remember is him driving his riding mower to the liquor store because his car keys had been taken away from him. I don't know if this is true or apocryphal.


On Tuesday Willie Nelson celebrates his 80th birthday. There have been some cool tributes to him on the interwebs. I liked Neil Young singing Happy Birthday to him from the balcony of some cheap hotel early in the morning.


I ran across a video of Michael Bublé (I like to call him Michael Bubble) singing in a subway station in New York the other day. Pretty cool. Performing and busking in the subway is a New York tradition. Some of those guys are great ... others are horrible. But, unless the trains are pulling in or out, the acoustics are very interesting. So I played Michael Bublé doing "Who's Lovin' You." I think it was originally done by the Miracles, although it was also done by the Temptations and the Jackson 5.

Two vastly different versions of "Cucurrucú paloma." First, Lola Beltrán, the great ranchera singer; then, Caetano Veloso's softer version.

1. Sonny Rollins – How Are Things in Glocca Morra
2. Bob Dylan – Early Mornin’ Rain
3. Caetano Veloso – Chuvas de verão
4. Allen Tousssaint – Tipitina and Me
5. Dave Douglas – Bridge to Nowhere
6. Duke Ellington – Daydream
7. Donny McCaslin – Tanya
8. George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today
9. George Jones – Relief is just a Swallow Away
10. Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa – Coração vagabundo
11. Willie Nelson – Recollection Phoenix
12. Willie & Wynton – Bright Lights, Big City
13. Kaki King – Night After Sidewalk
14. Teddy Wilson – Zonky
15. Sonny Rollins – Just in Time
16. Toña la Negra – Cenizas
17. Roberto Pulido – De la Garza a la palmita
18. Lola Beltrán – Cucurrucú paloma
19. Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucú paloma
20. Donny McCaslin – Merjorana Tonosieña
21. Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave
22. George Jones – I’ll Share my World with You
23. Earth, Wind, and Fire – Serpentine Fire
24. Michael Bublé – Who’s Lovin’ You
25. Dr. John – Marie Landeau
26. Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Git It
27. Bill Frisell – Abidan
28. Stanley Turrentine – Watch What Happens

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (ET) WWCU-FM.

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