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Greetings from Lexington, KY

Pretty uneventful trip thus far. It was a beautiful day for the drive up; temps in the mid eighties, sunshine, not too much traffic, lots of those trees that bloom in a purple /lavender color. I found the hotel easily, without even using the GPS (after all, it is my third stay here). In the lobby there are racing sheets, for those who are here for the horse racing. I picked one up just out of curiosity. Couldn't make heads or tails of it. One of these years, I'm going to make a point of going to the races. The bed in my hotel room is so big you can sleep in it in any direction you choose: north/south, east/west, northeast/southwest. You get the picture. One thing I like is how many trains I've seen and heard here, three so far. Love the sight / sound of a train going by. There seems to be a line more-or-less right through town. My room is interior, with no windows, so there was no sunlight to awake me in the morning. I must have slept until 9:30. Spent some time at the conference in the afternoon. Ate a shrimp po' boy in a bar (A fried shrimp sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayo). Came back to the hotel, walked on the treadmill, swam in the pool. Then walked to a place called "Gumbo Ya Ya," for a plate of gumbo. Good, and cheap too. Today the temperature was in the fifties, a 3O degree drop. I'm sitting in my hotel room, listening to the college radio station (WRFL), sipping some bourbon. My paper is tomorrow morning. I'll read it, and hit the road, jack.



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