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Catamount Community Radio - February 10, 2013

This Scotch is delicious, it has a lemony finish with a hint of pear and gasoline.

I rolled in at the absolute last second, popped a CD into the player and was on the air by 10:00. Normally when running late I jump into a car, but today I decided to ride my bike anyway, because maybe later I'll take a little ride.

Ron M. told me that he enjoyed the show a few weeks back when I had that rain theme going on. His comment has me thinking that I should do thematic shows more often. What are some I've done, besides focusing on an individual artist? Dreams, walking, sun and moon, sunshine and rain.

I played Larry Clinton doing a curious tune, "I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls." Where did this come from? I have no idea where the file came from, but the tune is from a nineteenth-century opera. As for the dude, he was a vaudeville musician who became a bandleader and arranger ... until WWII, when he became a pilot. After the war he went back into the music business.

Check out this mustache:


Ernie K-Doe was a New Orleans character who had a number-one hit with Allen Toussaint's "Mother-in-Law." In fact, later in life he ran a club called "Ernie K. Doe's Mother-in-Law Lounge," which shut down after Hurricane Katrina, but re-opened in 2008. There was a statue of K-Doe himself in the bar. In the '80s he did community radio, and occasionally got into trouble for excessive self-promotion. After Katrina, his widow said that he should be mayor of New Orleans, even though he had been dead for five years. He was the only one qualified. All this according to the know-it-alls over at Wikipedia.


Y'all know I love me some Nick Lowe, among other tunes we heard "Hope for Us All."

I had a reputation as a stay at home so and so
Cause when my friends would call me up
And say, "Let's hit a club"
I'd tell them no, no, no, no
I must admit there were times
When all I ever did was climb the walls
But if even I can find someone
There's hope for us all.

Vijay Raghan Rao played some nice Sitar for us. Matt Wilson had us feeling the sway. Art Tatum and Buddy Franco had us swinging with "A Froggy ...er, Foggy Day." You know, it was a foggy day in Londontown, and the British museum had lost its charm, then you came along and the sun was shining all around. Happiness is a warm grenade launcher. I swear, I was walking down the hall the other day when I overheard one student telling another about his grenade launcher. Moon River is wider than a mile, and I'm crossing it in style with guitarist Bill Frisell.

For quiz time, I played Labi Siffre's "I Got the..." and asked which famous hip-hop joint samples it? Answer: Eminem's "My Name is."

John Wesley Harding's "Top of the Bottom" tells a good story of ups and downs. Starts as a busker playing for change, makes it big and famous, falls from grace, and makes a comeback.

Catamount Community Radio airs Sunday mornings 10-12 (ET) on WWCU-FM.

1. Allen Toussaint & Joshua Redman – Day Drean
2. 3 Cohens – Tfila (Prayer)
3. Bill Frisell – Moon River
4. Larry Clinton – I Dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls
5. Elvis Presley – Trying to Get to You
6. Ernie K-Doe – A Certain Girl
7. Benny Spellman - Lipstick Traces
8. Stan Getz – Night Rider
9. Nick Lowe –Hope for Us All
10. Matt Wilson – Feel the Sway
11. Walter Smith III – Blues
12. Arthur Blythe – Metamorphosis
13. Vijay Raghan Rao – Lilt on Sitar
14. Don Cherry – Piano / Trumpet
15. Al Wilson – La La Peace Song
16. Nick Lowe There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God is Seated at the Conference Table)
17. Labi Shiffre – I Got the …
18. Jim Campilongo – Monkey in a Movie
19. The Chavelles – Red Tape
20. Eric Dolphy – First Bass Line
21. Sonny Rollins – Solid
22. Nick Lowe – I Trained Her to Love Me
23. Art Tatum & Buddy DeFranco – A Foggy Day
24. Herbie Hancock – Riot
25. Marc Ribot – Happiness is a Warm Gun
26. John Wesley Harding – Top of the Bottom
27. James Carter – Sophisticated Lady
28. World Saxophone Quartet – Amazing Grace

Don Cherry



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