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Catamount Community Radio - January 27, 2013

The university almost never cancels classes. The last time it happened, if I remember correctly, was in 1993. But it happened again on Friday ... not that I knew about it. Thursday night there was a lot of freezing rain, but I left for school on my bicycle Friday morning, assuming there would be class anyway. It seemed OK: the road was wet, but not icy, even though everything else seemed to be covered by a thin layer of ice. I was making my way just fine when a car came up behind me, but the driver was hesitant to pass me, just kind of hovered behind me, as drivers are often prone to do when they are not used to sharing the road with bikes. I don't like that (although it is preferable to when they zoom right by, missing your elbow by a sixteenth of an inch). I got to a place where the street expanded, with a slight grade, into a parking area. I thought, I'll get off here, and maybe she'll go by. I did, but what I didn't realize is that as soon as you got off the street (which probably had been salted) the pavement was covered with a thin layer of ice. Down I went immediately. Crash. The driver stopped. As I always do, I popped right to my feet, gave her a thumbs up, and she was on her way. But I had landed hard on my right thigh, my 200+ pounds right on top of the cell phone that was in my right front pocket. I'm OK, but have been limping around for the last couple of days with a bruised right thigh. I like to do the radio show standing up, and after two hours on my feet today, my whole body was sore. I spent Friday and Saturday pretty much seated or else prone. I read a novel (Raymond Chandler's The Little Sister), wrote a book review and a poem, and practiced the piano for three hours. But I hobble around. My initial reaction was that I had a mere bruise on my pride, but by now my pride is forgotten, but the bruised thigh remains. I haven't taken any ibuprofen, not that I'm against it in principle, but I just have this unreasonable thing about not taking anything if I can handle the pain. It only hurts when I walk, when I use the stairs, or when I get up out of a chair or bed. But enough about me....

I don't see any specific theme popping up in today's playlist. We heard Coltrane dueting with the Duke and later cutting loose with "Satellite." Besides the usual jazz, some country, some pop, some blues, some soul, the usual freeform melange.

Eleni Mandell, "Magic Summertime":

Autumn is volatile and winter is cruel.
Spring can be tragical, but summertime is magical.
It was just like a fairy tale, when we were introduced,
How our eyes, like a flash, filled with light.
And I knew, in my heart, we would both avoid the truth,
But our cover-up was heaven for a while.

Fats Waller, "Winter Weather":

I love the winter weather
Because the two of us can get together
There's nothing sweeter and finer
When it's nice and cold, I can hold
Baby closer to me
Collecting all the kisses that are due me
I love the winter weather
Because I've got my love to keep me warm.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (ET) on WWCU-FM.

1. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane – In a Sentimental Mood
2. Art Tatum & Ben Webster – My Ideal
3. Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments
4. Dinah Washington & Brooks Benton – A Rockin’ Good Way (to Fool Around and Fall in Love)
5. Harry Connick, Jr. – If I Only Had a Brain
6. Eleni Mandell – Magic Summertime
7. Fontella Bass – Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
8. Augustus Pablo – East of the River Nile
9. Fats Waller – Winter Weather
10. Johnny Cash – I Feel Better All Over
11. Nick Lowe – Checkout Time
12. Merle Haggard – Stop the World and Let Me Off
13. Tony Rice – Freeborn Man
14. Bill Frisell – Kochot
15. Lloyd Glenn – Sleigh Ride
16. Burning Spear – Brain Food
17. Roger Miller – Lou’s Got the Flu
18. Charlie Parker – K.C. Blues
19. Ben Allison – Green Al
20. Kenny Burrell – Lost in the Stars
21. Jill Sobule – League of Failures
22. John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
23. Blind Boy Fuller – Weeping Willow
24. Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady
25. Willie West – Fairchild
26. James Brown’s Funky Divas – This is my Story
27. Lester Young – Three Little Words
28. Moondog – Utsu
29. Futuristic Ensembe – In a Mist [Reprise]
30. John Coltrane – Satellite
31. Charles Mingus – Self Portrait in 3 Colors
32. Tom Waits – Take It with Me




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