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Catamount Community Radio - December 9, 2012

Lately, my body has been telling me, "Get you some exercise, son." But me, naughty boy that I am, I haven't listened to its pleas. (Oh please!). But finally yesterday I heeded its call. I grabbed the basketball and headed for the gym. Even after not having touched a ball in about three months, I was able to make 24 free-throws in a row at one point. There were some youths there, who had already been there for awhile when I arrived. I begged them to play some pick-up. One of them indulged me with a game of one-on-one to eleven. It turns out he is in the Issue's Algebra II class. He was killing me, but somehow I managed to beat him, 11-10. He was beaten, but I was beat. It made me realize how out of shape I am. I cooled down walking a lap around the grounds, about a mile maybe.

Once I got home, I had a quick shower and hit the kitchen. I made the best rice dish I've made in my life, "arroz con camarones" (rice with shrimp." Oh, don't worry, there are pictures up at Mondo Marco. The thing is that there was nobody around to share it with. The spousal unit is up gallivanting in New York City, while the Issue was out with her "boyfriend" (don't know why, but I had to put that in quotation marks).

For today's show, I had three goals: one, to play tribute to John Lennon, who was murdered 32 years ago yesterday. I played Beatles songs from my two favorite Beatles albums, Revolver and the White Album. Also some covers and "Hold On," my favorite John Lennon tune from his solo career. I ended the show with Marc Ribot's haunting solo guitar version of "Happiness is a Warm Gun."

My second goal was to play some Christmas music. This I accomplished by playing Mel Tormé's "Christmas Song" for which I trotted out my "Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer" joke. Charlie Parker played "White Christmas." How's that for a pair of great Christmas songs penned by Jewish guys? Yesterday I bought Stephan Cobert's Christmas album. There is some funny stuff on there. With guests Willie Nelson, Feist, toby Keith, Elvis Costello, and Johns Legend and Stewart. Hope I didn't forget anybody. I played Feist, doing "Please Be Patient," to the tune of ...uh, some classic Christmas tune, probably with original lyrics in Latin.

Angels soaring through the air
As they did in Bethlehem
Angels answer every prayer
Once they get around to them
Please be patient,
an angel will be with thee shortly
Due to increased prayer amounts
Seraphim will have delays
Servicing thy prayer accounts
For the next five million days
Please be patient, an angel will be with thee shortly
Please continue thee to hold
All thy ills will be relieved
Every human grief consoled
In the order' twas received
Please be patient,
an authorized prayer technician will be with thee shortly
Or to save thee time, wait for the chime

The third goal was to play Sherwin Sleeves' reading his wonderful "Christmas Skater" story. The tale is nicely punctuated with song. Poignant, beautiful. Kinda reminds of the stories in Dylan Thomas's collection, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (ET) on WWCU-FM.

1. John Lewis – December, Remember
2. The Beatles – If I Fell
3. The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing
4. The Beatles – In my Life
5. Mel Torme – The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
6. Lowell Fulson – Lonesome Christmas, Pt. 1
7. Ben Allison – Jealous Guy
8. Marcus Roberts – I’ll be Home for Christmas
9. John Lennon – Hold On
10. The Beatles – She Said She Said
11. Roberta Flack – If I Fell
12. William Galison – Jealous Guy
13. Jonathan Coulton – Christmas is Interesting
14. Feist – Please be Patient
15. Charlie Parker – White Christmas
16. Lowell Fulson – Christmas Party Shuffle
17. Sherwin Sleeves – The Christmas Skater
18. Abdullah Ibrahim – The Mountain
19. Marc Ribot – Happiness is a Warm Gun


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