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Catamount Community Radio - November 25, 2012

Boy, these turkey tacos are good ... Oh, where were we? Yes, for some reason, I'm not particularly impressed with the writings or ideas of Carl Jung, perhaps because I'm ignorant of most of them. But he did come up with the concept of sychronicity, "the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner." On Thanksgiving day, I was on the couch reading a profile of Kid Rock in The New Yorker. It ended with a quote that I really liked: "As much as I love Seger and Petty and Springsteen, I'm not one of those guys. And I like the fact that I can grab a turntable and scratch - and Springsteen can't." I liked it so much that I posted it on Facebook. Then I remembered that the Lions always play on Thanksgiving, so I turned on the tube, and there was Kid Rock, performing his halftime show. I missed "Born Free," but I did catch his paean to Detroit, where he invited George Clinton up onto the stage. Synchronicity, yes? I had no idea that he was doing the halftime show, and I even thought the Lions would be on later on in the afternoon, having forgotten that they always start at 12:30 on Thanksgiving day.

I had a good show today, I think. I was feeling spry, after a good night's sleep. The first half hour was heavy on the jazz: Miles, Duke, Yusef, etc. I started the second half hour with Jelly Roll Morton, doing "Dirty, Dirty, Dirty." Jelly Roll Morton for me is an endlessly interesting figure. In the twenties, he was ahead of his time, as a pianist, arranger, band leader ... and, in my opinion, theorist. He was a braggart, but if you study him, you realize that the facts back up his bragging. He fell on hard times in the thirties, but at least left the wonderful archive of recordings that he made with Alan Lomax at the Library of Congress.

The wonderful word "strut" is associated with the lingo of New Orleans. "Goin' struttin'" means going out for a night on the town. The word is used in a the title of a tune from a Chicago group from the sixties: Young Holt Unlimited's "Soulful Strut." The sound of midwestern R&B, for me. From there we headed south to Memphis to hear Al Green tell us how he's "Tired of Being Alone." And let's keep going south down the Mississippi to New Orleans to hear the funky Meters do "Liver Splash." What is a liver splash, anyway? The only thing that occurs to me is that it's a drink.

From the Big Easy to the Jersey Shore. Tom Waits, doing "Jersey Girl":

Got no time for the corner boys,
Down in the street makin' all that noise,
Don't want no whores on eighth avenue,
'Cause tonight I'm gonna be with you.

'Cause tonight I'm gonna take that ride,
Cross the river to the Jersey side,
Take my baby to the carnival,
And I'll take you on all the rides,
Sing sha la
La la la la sha la la la.

Come to think of it, there are some similarities between the dialect of New Jersey and that of certain dialects of New Orleans. "Earl" for "oil" and "ersters" for "oysters."

Intermission music today courtesy of bassist Ray Brown, covering Miles's "Freddie Freeloader." Nice piano work by Benny Green.

In the second hour, Prince Lasha with "Congo Call." This is from "The Cry," from 1962 ... that's fifty years ago. To my ears it still sounds like the shape of things to come. I just learned that Lasha, Ornette Coleman and Dewey Redman all studied at the same high school in Texas. Ain't that sumthin'?

A little Jewish set. Steven Bernstein with "Mazinka." This is from the "Diaspora Soul" album, where he takes traditional Jewish themes and puts them over Afro-Cuban rhythms. Followed that up with John Zorn's Masada, a band I saw back in the mid-nineties in Durham. John Zorn on alto sax, Dave Douglas on trumpet, Joey Barron on drums.

So much fun. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (ET) on WWCU-FM.

1. Miles Davis – I Thought About You
2. Larry Goldings – Back in the Day
3. Sahib Shahib – Peter’s Waltz
4. Duke Ellington – Daydream
5. Yusef Lateef – Jungle Fantasy
6. Scott Joplin – Swipsey (cakewalk)
7. Jelly Roll Morton – Dirty, Dirty, Dirty
8. Dinah Washington – This Bitter Earth
9. Young Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut
10. Al Green – Tired of Being Alone
11. The Meters – Liver Splash
12. Tom Waits – Jersey Girl
13. Nick Lowe – Look What a Lack of Love has Done
14. Ray Brown & Benny Green – Freddie the Freeloader
15. Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins – The Way You Look Tonight
16. Gilham Park Orchtet – Pharmacies of Tamaulipas
17. Prince Lasha – Congo Call
18. Steven Bernstein – Mazinka
19. John Zorn’s Masada – Tahah
20. James Brown – Mother Popcorn, Pt. 2
21. Cal Tjader – Cal’s Bluedo
22. Sketch Show – Fly Me to the River
23. Fred Frith - Norrgarden Nylua
24. Stanley Turrentine – What Would I Do without You?
25. Grant Green – My Babe
26. Kokolo – Our Own Things
27. Sly & the Family Stone – Thank You (Falletinme be Mice Elf Agin)

Sahib Shihab01
Sahib Shihab


Hooked on chronics

I enjoyed your synchronic Thanksgiving story. That kind of stuff seems to happen to me a lot. I wonder if it is only because I notice when it happens and can tie all the little things together in my mind where someone else might not notice it happening. Still...there have been a few times when we were posting something on each others pages at about the same time.
I had duck with my neighbors on Thanksgiving but I cooked a big turkey for me and Cayo on the weekend that followed, so I guess my turkey was out of synch but I'll have tacos soon to make up for it.

Re: Hooked on chronics

That's right, Jim Dandy, many times there has been an uncanny synchronicity between us.

As for the tacos, I just take the leftover turkey, put it on a flour tortilla with some cheese, pop it into the microwave for a minute, and then douse it with some Valentina's hot sauce. Delicious.

I see that AC/DC has put its catalogue on iTunes. I'll probably be buying "Squealer" and a few others that take me back to the day.

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