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Catamount Community Radio - November 4, 2012

Daylight Saving Time ends today, so we fell back. What if somebody asked you what you were doing last night at 1:30 a.m., you'd have to answer, "which one, the first or second?"

During the first half hour I did a little doo wop set. Do you know how hard it is to write "doo wop" when the spell-correct is on? It corrects your "doo" to "too" and your "wop" to "woo." And then it insists when you try to correct it. Gonna slap the damn thing, but how to slap a spell check? The Platters, the Coasters, the Spaniels, Little Willie John. I'll tell you, his "Talk to Me, Talk to Me" is a catchy little number. I do believe I've caught it.

I ended the set with the Coasters doing "Down in Mexico," so I thought it only appropriate to continue with a little Mexican number, the Rancheritos de Michoacán doing "Camarón pelao."

camarón pelao tú quieres
camarón pelao te doy
camarón pelao si tú prefieres
con salsita y limón

(peeled shrimp you want
peeled shrimp I give to you
peeled shrimp if you prefer
with hot sauce and lime juice)

Two tunes titled "Blue Skies," the famous one, as done by Les Paul, and a young Tom Waits' tune of the same name.

Some solo acoustic guitar from Leo Kottke and John Scofield.

A "world music" set ... but, you know, only because it's foreign to us. Conjunto Céspedes, a group from San Francisco that plays Afrocuban music, Maria Bethania from Brazil, Miguel Poveda's flamenco from Spain, Gabriel Vals with Argentinian tango.

Sun Ra ... "Tapestry from an Asteroid." What more can I say? Only that I like words ending in -"oid." Hemorrhoid, steroid, android, humanoid, void, and so on.

Catamount Community Radio, Sundays 10-12 (ET) on WCU-FM.

1. Harry Nilsson – Turn on Your Radio
2. Neil Young – Silver and Gold
3. Larry Goldings – Bluegrass
4. Brad Mehldau – When it Rains
5. Serge Gainsbourg – Cha cha cha du loup
6. The Spaniels – Do-Wah
7. The Platters – Twilight Time
8. Little Willie John – Talk to Me, Talk to Me
9. The Coasters – Down in Mexico
10. Los Rancheritos de Michoacán – Camarón pelao
11. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
12. Tom Waits – Blue Skies
13. Les Paul – Blue Skies
14. Slam Stewart & Slim Gaillard – Dark Eyes
15. Leo Kottke – From Spink to Correctionville
16. John Scofield – Georgia on my Mind
17. Erroll Garner – Passing Through
18. Allen Toussaint – Egyptian Fantasy
19. Joel Harrison – Wichita Lineman
20. James Brown – Funky Drummer (Pts. 1 & 2)
21. John Coltrane – Bessie’s Blues
22. Stanley Turrentine – Spooky
23. Conjunto Céspedes – Virgen de la Caridad
24. Maria Bethania – Folha morta
25. Miguel Poveda - Buenas intenciones
26. Gabriel Vals – Combo Tango
27. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Whipped Cream
28. Sun Ra – Enlightenment
29. Sun Ra – Tapestry from an Asteroid
30. Nick Lowe – Until the Real Thing Comes Along
31. Los Super 7 – Heard it on the X
32. Nat Cole – Rose Room

The Spaniels

Sun Ra



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