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Catamount Community Radio - October 21, 2012

Just back yesterday from a trip to Winston-Salem for a conference at Wake Forest University. To tell you the truth, I really don't like driving. Well, the driving is OK; it's the other cars on the road that bother me. One of the advantages, though, of a long drive is to listen to the radio. I hear good shows, and get ideas for songs to play.

For some reason, I thought the university was downtown, not on the outskirts. So since I was busy the whole time I was there, I never made it downtown. And where my hotel was there were no sidewalks, so when I walked to the nearby grocery store, I had to cross nine lanes of traffic without the benefit of a crosswalk. Here's how you do it. First of all, due the fact that we use stop lights rather than traffic circles, car come in waves or clumps, as I usually say. Now between the four lanes going one direction and the five going the other, there is a median. So you wait until the clump passes, and dash to the median. There you wait for the clump going the other direction to pass before completing the crossing. I guess I could have driven to the grocery store to get my beer, but I can't bring myself to do that, when it's only a half mile away.

When I saw that there was a Salvadoran restaurant across from the hotel I was excited; that would be my Thursday night meal. But when I walked over there, it was closed. I guess it went out of business. I ended up getting a turkey sandwich at Arby's and taking it back to the hotel, where I drank beer and watched the Tigers clinch their series against the Yankees. The next day, the headline in the sports section of USA Today was about the Yankees' failure. You know, I would have preferred that it be about the Tigers' success. But such is life. The older I get the more equanimous I become: I can't bring myself to hate the Yankees any more.

I stayed at a Residence Inn, suites rather than regular hotel room. Once again, the bed was so big that I could have slept comfortably in any direction: north-south, east-west, or northwest-southeast.


On the way home, I stopped in Asheville and sold some books. I got 24 dollars. You have to give them all sorts of information, your drivers license number, your address and phone number, presumably, in case the books are stolen.

So, ostensibly, this is a post about this morning's radio show. I shall now proceed to that. For the second week in a row, I rolled in a little late. Oh well. The first half hour was heavy on the jazz: Bobo Stenson covering Ornette Coleman, the amazing 3 Cohens, Ballin' the Jack covering Ellington. Tina Turner showing her jazz chops. The second half hour was heavy on the vocal harmonies. How beautiful is the Beatles' "If I Fell" with Lennon and McCartney harmonizing? The song is so hip, I assumed it was from Revolver or Rubber Soul. But no, it's actually from A Hard Day's Night. Then, Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, with "Gypsy Woman." Then some great 6/8 doo-wop: The Titans, with "So hard to Laugh."

During the second hour, Charlie Parker with strings. Once upon a time, that shit was considered controversial, the more serious than thou jazz geeks thought it was a sell out. How can that be? I think these are my favorite Charlie Parker recordings. How about that Mitch Miller solo on oboe?

Latin jazz, you can't beat Frank Emilio's "Los amigos: Gandinga, Mondongo, Sandunga." That's fun to say. Cal Tjader, with "Cuchy Frito Man."

All this and much more. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (ET) on WWCU-FM.

1. 3 Cohens – Blues for Dandi’s Orange Bull Chasing an Orange Sack
2. Yoko Kanno & Seatbelts – Black Coffee
3. Bobo Stenson – What Reason Could I Give
4. Ballin’the Jack – Happy Go Lucky Local
5. Tina Turner & Herbie Hancock – Edith and the Kingpin
6. The Impressions – Gypsy Woman
7. The Beatles – If I Fell
8. The Titans – So Hard to Laugh
9. Hortence Ellis & Johnny Clarke – This is my Story
10. Nick Lowe – The Man that I’ve Become
11. Charlie Parker with Strings – Just Friends
12. Louis Armstrong & Billie Holiday – My Sweet Hunk o’ Trash
13. Terence Blanchard – Morning After Celebration
14. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Blues for Alice
15. Django Reinhardt – Sweet Georgia Brown
16. Anita O’Day – From This Moment On
17. Kristen Hall – Out in the Country
18. Tin Hat Trio – Helium
19. Alison Krauss & James Taylor – How’s the World Treating You
20. Billie Holiday – The There Eyes
21. Cal Tjader – Cuchy Frito Man
22. Frank Emilio – Los amigos: Gandinga, Mondongo, Sandunga
23. Norah Jones – The Nearness of You
24. Kronos Quartet – Dracula, Film Score for String Quartet
25. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Pure Jam
26. Freddy King – Surf Monkey
27. Tom Waits – Time


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