November 10th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - November 10, 2019

After careful consideration, I've decided not to do the show in front of an idling helicopter. I mean, there are advantages to doing the show in front of a helicopter. For one thing, I don't have to pay attention to anything I don't want to pay attention to. I can just pretend I can't hear it. And then there's the optics. If I've got a helicopter there waiting to take me off to golf, that says I'm somebody….

But let's stop fooling ourselves. This is Catamount Community Radio, a free-form radio show broadcasting to the world from deep in the Smokey Mountains. I don't have a helicopter and I don't play golf. I play old jazz and country and western records and ride around on a bicycle.

And then there's the Who. Great concerts back in the late sixties. Roger Daltrey was charismatic. Peter Townsend, brilliant. Keith Moon, a lunatic. John Entwistle, crunchy as all get out ...."Talkin' 'bout my generation! (my generation, baby!) ..." Quintessential rock and roll. But at the end of the shows, Townsend had to smash his guitar. Pure schtick, and unnecessary. But I guess you had to put up with such foolishness if you wanted to see a Who show ("Who show" - that's almost a palindrome).

Hendrix too. Jimi, you're not off the hook. Pouring lighter fluid on the strings of your Strat and torching it ... no reason for that either. Hendrix himself probably thought it was dumb. But it was the late sixties, and what to do? Maybe it seemed appropriate given the convulsive moment in history. I think he wanted to believe that we were on the dawn of a new era, when peace and love would prevail and such nonsense as racial hatred would fade away. It was a shamanistic ritual cleansing through fire. Or maybe just show biz.

You can rest assured that I'm not going to make a big show of smashing up or torching the radio equipment of 90.5 as my show winds to a close at high noon. I'm by nature gentle, humble (really?) and opposed to violence. Tune in 10-12 Sunday morning. It's wholesome radio fun for the whole family. No gratuitous destruction; no helicopters. 90.5 on the FM dial and heard, from Tokushima to Memphysema, at


Steve wins the cover contest, with Dandy and Mary Ellen tying for second, and Jeff in fourth.

1. "High and Dry"
a) covered by Jamie Cullum
b) by Radiohead

2. "Moondance"
a) by Van Morrison
b) covered by Bobby McFerrin

3. Whose tune and what is the title?
a) Bob Marley's
b) Crazy Baldheads

4. "Crazy"
a) written by Willie Nelson
b) played by Bill Frisell


1. Charles Mingus - Solo Dancer
2. The Gordons - Bebopper
3. Count Basie - Dickie's Dream
4. Ella Fitzgerald - Solitude
5. Manu Dibango - Fleur de Marigot
6. Jamie Cullum - High and Dry
7. Art Blakey - Uptight
8. Sarah McLachlin - Ice Cream
9. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
10. The Who - My Generation
11. Jimi Hendrix - Slow Blues
12. Bobby McFerrin - Moondance
13. Don Gibson - Give Myself a Party
14. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Creator
15. Art Pepper - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to
16. Kalbata - Luke the Ox
17. Colin Hay - Overkill
18. Cootie Williams - Ol' Man River
19. Elvis Costello & the Roots - Walk Us Uptown
20. Elvis Costrello & Jamey Johnson - She'll be Bak
21. Monty Alexander - Crazy Baldheads
22. Mississippi John Hurt - Let the Mermaids Flirt with Me
23. The Chavelles - Red Tape
24. Melissa Aldana - I'll Be Seeing You
25. Bill Frisell - Crazy
26. Gordon Ligjtfoot - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
27. Raymond Scott - The Penguin
28. Ballin' the Jack - Daydream