October 13th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - October 13, 2019

Here in Cullowhee it's a gray and drizzly morning, a perfect morning for radio, the kind of morning where you might want to curl up on the couch with your wireless and a coffee cup full of muscatel.

I'm ready for the show, more or less, even though I just got back from Alabama. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference in Auburn, although getting there and back in the Toyota was enough to drive me nervous, since I went through Atlanta both ways. I suppose if you live in Atlanta and deal with that traffic every day, it's no big deal. But for a boy from the provinces, five lanes of vehicles moving along at 70 mph, weaving in and out ... it's terrifying.

After five hours on the road I walk into the house and the spousal unit immediately starts laughing. "What?" I ask.

"Your hair," she replies, "You look like you've been electrocuted. Your hair is sticking out every which way."

Oh well. I hope you haven't been electrocuted, but you will need electricity to plug in your radio, or some other device to tune it to 90.5 FM, where I'll be filling the airwaves with the old magic. Catamount Community Radio, 10 -12 Sunday mornings and coming down the interstate 90 miles an hour at wwcufm.com.


Dandy retains the imaginary, cardboard, cover contest crown, with Mary Ellen in second and Steve in third. Chris will probably submit his entry Wednesday or so.

1. Dave Edmunds and the Stray Cats do "The Race is On." Whose tune? - George Jones's

2. What's the tune, who is playing it, and which front man from a great 80s era heavy metal band covered it?

a) "Just a Gigolo"
b) Thelonious Monk
c) David Lee Roth

3. Lauren O'Connel Sings "All I Have to Do is Dream." Whose tune? - The Everly Brothers'

4. Vijay Ayer plays one. Title and original artist.

a) "Galang"
b) M.I.A.


1. Thelonious Monk - Little Rootie Tootie
2. Buck Owens - Under the Influence of Love
3. Cecil Taylor - Pots
4. Mary Lou Williams - Mary Lou's Blues
5. Emily King - Distance
6. Dave Edmunds & the Stray Cats - The Race is On
7. Sonny Rollins & Thelonious Monk - The Way You Look Tonight
8. Mark Whitfield - Early Autumn
9. Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
10. Bob Dylan - Tryin' to Get to Heaven
11. Thelonious Monk - Just a Gigolo
12. Burning Spear - Mother
13. Freddie King - Tore Down
14. Bebo Valdees - Danza Nº 2
15. Henry Mancini w/ Ted Nash - Dreamsville
16. Miles Davis - Seven Steps to Heaven
17. Rachelle Forell - Peace on Earth
18. Aaron Parks - Roadside Distraction
19. Melissa Aldana - My Ship
20. Lauren O'Connell - All You Have to Do is Dream
21. MTB - Little Melonade
22. Loretta Lynn - These Boots are Made for Walkin'
23. Thelonius Monk - Evidence
24. Eartha Kitt - Monotonous
25. Sonny Rollins - I've Grown Accostumed to your Face
26. Vijay Ayer - Galang
27. Red Sovine - Freightliner Fever
28. Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Hey Boy! Hey Girl!
29. Etta James - A Sunday Kinda Love
30. Michael Lowenstern - No. 10