September 1st, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - September 1, 2019

The blurb:

"Were he still alive today, Lester Young would have turned 110 this past Tuesday. One of the great tenor saxophonists and innovators of jazz, he was known as “the President” or “Prez.” Or, “Pork Pie Hat,” because that’s the kind of thinking cap he rocked. He killed it with the Basie band, driving the dancers and the jazz heads crazy. His tone was a little thin, but his inventiveness was limitless. He could take two choruses or 18; the ideas just kept coming. He held the horn crooked, jutting out sideways. And yet … there is often a tragic tinge to these jazz geniuses. Prez was drafted into the Army in ’45 or ’46. Though a fluent jive talker, he was by temperament soft-spoken, gentle and introverted. He wasn’t suited to Army life. Caught with weed in his locker, or who knows what all happened, he was dishonorably discharged. The experience seemed to have scarred him, and selon les éminences grises, his music didn’t regain its earlier spark.

Charlie “Mockingbird” Parker, were he alive today, would have turned 99 this past Thursday. As an alto saxophonist and bandleader, he was perhaps jazz’s greatest revolutionary. His fingers moved over the keys like Kansas City lightning. His harmonic sense was nuanced and he was, briefly at least, a musical superstar (around the time of the Charlie Parker with Strings album). Asked what was his best on wax, he replied, “my best is not yet on wax.” And yet… he had a hard time keeping his appetites in check; didn’t make it to 35. The doctor who examined his corpse estimated his age to be between 50 and 60. Poor old Yardbird-a-Rooney.

The good news is that Prez and bird live. I’ll be spinning the discs of these two titans, along with other selections for your dining and dancing pleasure on this little show of mine, Catamount Community Radio. You can listen at 90.5 FM, and the show will be streamlining at 10-12 Sunday morning, coming down."


Dandy and Mary Ellen tie once again on the cover contest

1. Those Darn Accordions do "Low Rider." Whose tune? - War's

2. Joel Harrison picks one

a) what's the title? - "This Land is Your Land"
b) Who wrote it? - Woody Guthrie

3. "Wichita Lineman" performed by its writer

a) written by - Jimmy Webb
b) a big hit for - Glen Campbell

4. Count Basie plays a tune. What's the title? - "I Ain't Got Nobody"


1. Allison Miller – Otis was a Polar Bear
2. Count Basie – Cherokee (pt. 1)
3. Count Basie – Cherokee (pt. 2)
4. Charlie Parker – Old Folks
5. Abdullah Ibrahim – The Balance
6. Those Darn Accordions – Low Rider
7. Fats Waller – Cash for your Trash
8. Brad Mehldau – Alfie
9. Bunny Wailer – Bide Up
10. Count Basie – Doggin’ Around
11. Bill Charlap – Lucky to be Me
12. Joel Harrison – This Land is Your Land
13. Charlie Parker – Blues for Alice
14. Eartha Kitt – C’est si bon
15. Horace Silver – Calcutta Cutie
16. Count Basie – Honeysuckle Rose
17. Pearl Bailey & Frank Sinatra – A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing
18. John Coltrane – Satellite
19. Ken Nordine – Bury it Yourself Time-Capsule
20. Jimmy Webb – Wichita Lineman
21. Lester Young – One O’Clock Jump
22. Charlie Parker – Mango Mangue
23. Slim Gaillard – Groove Juice Special
24. Charles Mingus – Good-bye Pork Pie Hat
25. Count Basie – I Ain’t Got Nobody
26. Joni Mitchell – You Turn Me On (I’m a Radio)
27. Abdullah Ibrahim – Jabula
28. Dr. Dre – What’s the Difference?