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August 18th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - August 18, 2019

The blurb:

"Catamount Community Radio is a mood. Well, actually it’s many moods. There’s your pensiveness and your childish glee. There’s that whimsy and that sort of tongue-in-cheek playfulness, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any anxiety or fear. You have your compassion for all of humanity, but not an iota of pessimistic anguish. There’s that general sense of well-being, but not a bit of sadness or melancholy. Well, maybe a smidgen of melancholy every once in a while, but the good kind. So, tune in, 10-12 Sunday morning at 90.5 FM, or stream it on your device at wwcufm.com. You won’t get those two hours back, but you won’t want them back!"


Mary Ellen edges Dandy to win the Cover Contest for the second consecutive week.

1. "Rainy Days and Mondays"

a) The Carpenters
b) Cracker

2. Keeling Beckford - "Groove Me" (King Floyd)

3. Diddie (Ditty) Wah Ditty

a) original artist - Blind Blake
b) covered by - Ray Cooder
c) guest artist on piano - Earl "Fatha" Hines


1. Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran – Pretty Girl
2. John Sebastian – Welcome Back
3. Dizzy Gillespie – Groovin’ High
4. The Tams – Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
5. Ben Allison – Green Al
6. Al Green – Full of Fire
7. Cracker – Rainy Days and Mondays
8. Lord Creator – Paint Up, Clean Up
9. Ben Wendel – Fall
10. The Wailers – Duppy Conqueror
11. Jonie Mitchell – Help Me
12. Keeling Beckford – Groove Me
13. Thelonious Monk – Bye-ya
14. Marisa Monte – Alta noite
15. Robert Glasper – F.T.B.
16. Niun Niggun – Download Sofist
17. Louis Armstrong – Among my Souvenirs
18. Fred Hersch & Julian Lage – Beatrice
19. Glen Campbell – Ghost on the Canvas
20. Charlie Parker – The Hymn
21. Blind Blake – Diddie Wah Ditty
22. Ry Cooder (w/ Earl Hines) – Ditty Wah Ditty
23. Marc Ribot – It Could Have Been Very Very Beautiful
24. Harry Nilsson – Turn On Your Radio
25. Toby Keith – Sundown
26. Elwood – Sundown (fragment)
27. Arthur Prysock – What a Difference a Day Made
28. Dan Tepfer & Ben Wendel – Pannonica
29. Solomon Burke – Got to Get You off my Mind
30. Enrico Rava – Easy Living

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