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August 11th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - August 11, 2019

The blurb:

"MARY ELLEN: I’ll take Catamount Community Radio for $35.99, Al.

AL: The show is reputed to be more fun than this.

MARY ELLEN: What is “two barrels of monkeys”?

AL: Correct.

MARY ELLEN: Catamount Community radio for $18.50.

AL: The show streams from Kalamazoo to this Asian metropolis.

MARY ELLEN: What is Katmandu?

AL. That’s it.

MARY ELLEN: Catamount Community Radio for $12.99

AL: The airwaves are snatched from the electric guitars and this or these take over.

MARY ELLEN: What is jazz?

AL: I’m sorry; the two correct answers are, “what are saxophones?” or, “what are accordions?”

JIM DANDY: I’ll take Catamount Community Radio for $16.95, Al.

AL: These two articles of attire are essential for listening to the show.

JIM DANDY: What are boogie shoes and a thinking cap?

AL: Correct.

JIM DANDY: Catamount Community Radio for $32.00.

AL: The show is characterized by shenanigans and this.

JIM DANDY: What is radiophonic tomfoolery?

AL: That is correct.

JIM DANDY: Catamount Community Radio for $79.95

AL: Daily Double! Special audio question: Identify this guitarist, a regular on the show.

(music plays)

JIM DANDY: Who is Marc Ribot?

AL: I’m sorry, the correct answer is, “Who is Bill Frisell.”

AL: Final question. Write down you answer and your wager. The muscatel is kept here.

MARY ELLEN (written response): Where is the oven? -$100.

JIM DANDY (written response): Where is the oven? - $100.

AL: That’s it for this evening, but join us Sunday mornings at 90.5 F.M and streaming at wwcufm.com, for music and more!"


Mary Ellen wins the cover contest, with Dandy and Jeff nipping at her heels.

1. Who is singing and what is a vegemite sandwich?

a) Colin Hay
b) an Australian vegetable spread

2. "The Boxer" - Whose tune and who is singing

a) Paul Simon (Simon and Garfunkel)
b) Waylon Jennings

3. D.J. Zeta - "Out of a Funky Drummer Summer". What tune was the beat lifted from and who came up with that beat in the first place?

a) James Brown - "Funky Drummer"
b) Clyde Stubblefield

4. "Lipstick Traces" - Written by which NOLA icon? - Allen Toussaint


1. Kaki King – Night After Sidewalk
2. Willie Nelson – Recollection Phoenix
3. Charlie Parker – Tico Tico
4. Simon & Garfunkel – America
5. Frank Zappa – Twenty Small Cigars
6. Colin Hay – Down Under
7. 3 Cohens – Blueport
8. G len Campbell – Am I All Alone (or is it only me)
9. Thelonious Monk – Just a Gigolo
10. Anderson .Paak – Put Me Thru
11. Waylon Jennings – The Boxer
12. Olivier Manoury – Let’s Cool One
13. Sun Ra – State Street
14. Sonny Rollins – St. Thomas
15. Bob Seger – Beautiful Loser
16. Miharu Koshi – L’absinthe
17. Rex Stewart – Love is in my Heart
18. Willie Rosario – La cuesta de la fama
19. Paul Motian – Be Careful, It’s my Heart
20. Marcus Roberts – Elite Syncopations
21. Porter Wagoner – Be a little Quieter
22. Los Eskizos – I’m Rowed Out
23. J.C. Davis - Monkey
24. D.J. Zeta – Out of a Funky Drummer Summer
25. Bebo Valdés – Lamento Cubano
26. Was (Not Was) – Semi-interesting Week
27. Thelonious Monk – Suburban Eyes
28. Clarence “Frogman” Henry – Ain’t Got no Home
29. Benny Spellman – Lipstick Traces
30. Astor Piazzola – Oblivion
31. Red Rodney – Dig This Menu, Please!
32. Dave Douglas – Mkiljsang
33. Nicholas Payton – Junie’s Interlude
34. Ella Fitzgerald – Solitude

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