June 2nd, 2019


Madrid Dialogue

A woman, probably fifty something and not at all dressed provocatively, comes up to me in the street, and the following exchange occurs.

Mujer: ¿Fumas?

Yo: Pues, no.

Mujer: ¿No tienes vicios?

Yo: Vicios sí tengo.

Mujer: ¿Te gustan las mujeres.

Yo: Sí, supongo que sí.

Mujer: ¿Hacemos el amor?

Yo: No, gracias.


Woman: Do you smoke?

Me: No.

Woman: So you don’t have vices.

Me: I do have vices.

Woman: Do you like women?

Me: Yeah, I suppose I do.

Woman: Shall we make love?

Me: No thank you.