April 7th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - April 7, 2019

I wrote this in an email to Jim Dandy, but I thought, why not add it to the post: "I always come to my office around 9:30 to pick up my CDs and post the FacePage blurb. So there is a cop car in the parking lot, nothing out of the ordinary, they're making their rounds. Then it creeps away, and kinda slows down as it goes by my window. Then it comes back, along with a second cop car. I'm like, meh. Then as I'm leaving around 9:50 to head up to the station, I'm talking to myself. I say, 'Do you have your keys, Mark?' (I'm screwed if I lock my keys in my office.) Just as I'm saying it, there is a cop walking down the hallway outside my office. I say, "Hello." He doesn't say a word. I'm so sick of cops, I'm so sick of cops, I'm so sick of cops ..... (wait for it) ..... I'M GOING TO TURN IN MY BADGE.

My new thing is to work up my blurbs ahead of time. I think about them during the week now, and usually have them more-or-less done by Saturday afternoon. Then Sunday, I just copy and paste onto FacePage.

"sup? this might be a weird flex, but ok. catamount community radio gonna be lit this morn . nobody will be fixin to dipset once they check out the sick bop, my swift lippin and ego trippin. no cap: a veritable fam jam if you know the lingo and wanna mingle. you may also be inclined to put on those drippin’ kicks you got stashed in the closet, along with your cogitative headgear, because we’ll have the cover contest. sunday morning 10-12 in the whee at 90.5 fm, and streaming worldwide web-wise, from iberia to siberia, at wwcufm.com. yeet!"

1. Abdullah Ibrahim – Blue Bolero
2. Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong – Now You has Jazz
3. Dizzy Gillespie – Groovin’ High
4. Lalo Guerrero – Los chucos suaves
5. Thelonious Monk – Work
6. Nick Lowe – Love Starvtion
7. Brad Mehldau – The Nearness of You
8. Colin Hay – Waiting for my Real Life to Begin
9. KC & the Sunshie Band – Boogie Shoes
10. William Galison – Jealous Guy
11. Zoot Sims & Joe Venutti – I’ll See You in my Dreams
12. Tom Petty – Alright for Now
13. Carole King – You’re so far Away
14. Franz Zappa – Tenty Small Cigars
15. Ken Nordine – The Vidiot
16. Julian Lage – Harlem Blues
17. Colin Hay – Overkill
18. Charlie Rouse – Merci, Bon Dieu
19. Ricky Skaggs – I Wonder if I Care as Much
20. Duke Ellington – Daydream
21. Jimi Hendrix – Somewhere
22. Allsion Miller – Big and Lovely
23. Robert Glasper – Smells Like Teen Spirit
24. Juan Carmona – Soleariyas
25. Wayne Horvitz – Whispers, Hymns…

Mary Ellen and Dandy tie on the cover contest this week.

1. Song, composer and interpreter:

a) "The Nearness of You"
b) Hoagy Carmichael
c) Brad Mehldau

2. William Galison plays ...

a) "Jealous Guy."
b) John Lennon
c) My interpretation is that this is a sort of apology to Paul, after dissing him in "How Do You Sleep at Night."

3. "I Wonder if I Care as Much"

a) Ricky Skaggs ... covers
b) the Everly Brothers

4. Robert Glasper plays

a) "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ... written by ...
b) Kurt Cobain

And why might I have played it?

c) the 25th anniversary of Cobain's death