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February 24th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - February 24, 2019

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Not sure where to rank Sunday in the worst/best days of the week. On the one hand, it's radio day, and then relative freedom after that ... On the other hand, there's the dread of Monday kinda lingering. And gloomy Monday is not merely a cliché; it's the busiest day of the week, with all kinds of responsibilities piled on top of each other.

In other news, X.Ray is still dead.

Brought the Cover Contest back today.

1. Two versions of the tune, one by a band called "Lettuce," the other by Sly Dunbar. What's the title and who is it by?

a) Slippin' into Darkness
b) War

2. Marcus Miller plays a tune called "Free." Whose tune is it? - Deniece Williams's

3. Marcus Miller plays a tune. What's the title, and who is it by?

a) Frankenstein
b) Edgar Winter

4. Charlie Hunter plays a tune. Title and original artist?

a) Come as You Are
b) Nirvana

It looks like Donna/Jeff edge Jim Dandy. Mary Ellen LOSES!

1. Sir Roland Hanna – Come Sunday
2. Merle Haggard – Stop the World & Let Me Get Off
3. Anita O’Day – What a Little Moonlight Can Do
4. Sun Ra – State Street
5. John Mayer – Who Says
6. Ken Nordine – You’re Getting Better
7. Lettuce – Slippin’ into Darkness
8. Sly Dunbar – Slippin into Darkness
9. Nick Lowe – Sensitive Man
10. Steven Bernstein – Hit the Road
11. Ray Charles – Carryin’ that Load
12. K.C. & the Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes
13. Marcus Miller – Free
14. 3 Cohens – Just Squeeze Me
15. Ornette Coleman – Law Years
16. Jill Sobule – League of Failures
17. Moondog – Be a Hobo
18. Moondog – All is Lonliness
19. Omer Avital – Arrival
20. The Doors – Moonlight Drive
21. Duke Ellington – Moonglow
22. Marcus Miller – Frankenstein
23. Ella Fitzgerald – It’s Only a Paper Moon
24. Bob Dylan – Fu;l Moon & Open Arms
25. Les Dum’s – La danse des grandes singes nus
26. Gladys Knoght – Best Thing that ever Happened
27. Charlie Hunter – Come as You Are
28. Leila Pinheiro – Caminhos cruzados
29. Duke Ellington - Melancholia


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