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January 27th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - January 27, 2019

So, I'm walking out of the station today thinking, "well, that was average, or slightly below, but I'll take it." It just struck me as a little bland. But having typed up the playlist and reflected a little bit ... I suppose it was alright after all. I'll never know for sure, because the boom box ate the cassette tape onto which I was recording it and I chucked it...the tape, not the boom box ... I thought: maybe I'll head back up to the station and retrieve it from from the trash and see if I might maybe could rewind it, if only to listen to part of it. And if I do, I'll take my vacuum cleaner with me; that carpet in the studio hasn't been vacuumed since the days of the great Eastern Buffalo.

SNAFU - WWII slang for "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up."

"Girl Talk" - a tune by Neil Hefti with a little riff in it that I stole and incorporated into my tune "Hefti."

José Feliciano, saw him on TV recently. He looks just like he did back in the seventies.

My favorite tune of the day: Pearl Bailey's "I'm Lazy, that's All." It got me thinking, laziness has a stigma that it doesn't totally deserve. Our overlords, who want us to be as productive as possible, so that they can become as rich as possible from the fruits of our labors, want us to think of laziness as a personality defect ... But I think there is a certain wisdom in laziness. Doing something you want to do, and doing it enthusiastically is not laziness, but avoiding something you're not really crazy about is. You feel me? (not literally, please)

Diana Krall and Marc Robot. Diana Krall is a great singer and a great pianist, plus she's beautiful, but why do her album covers look like lingerie ads?

Matt Wilson's "Teen Town" - All tension, no release - genius?

We heard a cover of the James Bond theme, followed by, "the name is Lowe, Nick Lowe," a relatively spontaneous quip.

All that and other madness. Tune in next week or else .... or else nothing will happen.

1. Marcus Roberts – Single Petal of a Rose
2. Bob Marley – Jammin’
3. Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Sugar Plum
4. Louis Armstrong – Snafu
5. Esperanza Spaulding – I’ll Look Around
6. David “Fathead” Newman – Girl Talk
7. José Feliciano – Light my Fire
8. Alarm Will Sound – Jynwey Ylow
9. Pearl Bailey – I’m Lazy, That’s All
10. Roy Hargrove – I’m Not So Sure
11. Diana Krall – Glad Rag Doll
12. Matt Wilson – Teen Town
13. Colin Hay – Waiting for my Real Life to Begin
14. Larry Young – Beyond All Limits
15. Steve Earl – This City
16. Dave Allan & Arrows – James Bond Theme
17. Nick Lowe – Stoplight Roses
18. Charlie Parker – The Hymn
19. Niun Niggung – Download Sofist
20. Tonny Bennet & Bill Evans – When in Rome
21. Ben Webster – Someone to Watch Over Me
22. Carlos Henriquez – Cuchifrito
23. Willie Nelson – The Songwriters
24. Bob Dylan – Spirit on the Water
25. Van Morrison – Into the Mystic
26. Joshua Redman – Stop this Train
27. Oscar Peterson – I Loves You, Porgy

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