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January 6th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - January 6, 2019

I woke up late today, 8:36, but I made it. I was thinking, last night and this morning too, that I had nothing funny to say. DJ problem, right? But I probably came up with one or two quips ridiculous enough to make somebody at least smile.

I have been pretty lazy posting my playlists, but as of today I think I'm up to date.

Let's see, what happened today in my world of radio?

I played Conway Twitty and riffed about if he had a Twitter account. Twitty tweeting on Twitter, etc.

Faron Young, Apartment # 9 ... no my apartment is 2B ... 2B or not 2B?

Steely Dan had me riffing about band names ... Sometimes we can divine where they come from (e.g. "The Doobie Brothers"), but sometimes they are puzzling (e.g. "The Flaming Groovies") Well, it turns out that "Steely Dan" was from a William F. Burroughs novel, the Naked Lunch (which I have never read) ... it was the name of a dildo or strap-on. Both Jims, Kalkaska Jim and New York Jim, alerted me to that fact.

I talked about the blues and why they some sometimes seem a little tiresome ... The same cliches (I need some new cliches). But you gotta be grounded in the blues to go anywhere if you play jazz or rock. I always like to make fun of C.B. Roy, who has a blues show 8 p.m - 1 a.m. Sunday nights ... because he talks comically slow with strange accentuation ... I mimic - no, mock - him, but it's OK, because he's not listening. Blues, greens, oranges and purples.

Los Tucanes, "Jugo a la vida." The theme is basically hedonism. You want wine? ... here's wine... You want Vegas? here's Vegas, You want the beach, here's the beach, etc. So, heaven is like that for me. You want to chat with Elvis, you chat with Elvis; you wanna beat Tiger Woods at golf, you beat Tiger Woods at golf. But here's what I didn't say .. Even this Heaven would eventually get tiresome and you would prefer mere oblivion.

1. Bill Frisell – Disfarmer Theme
2. Harry Connick, Jr. – I’m an Old Cow Hand
3. Benny Goodman – Lazy River
4. Richard Bona – Sona Mama
5. Barney Bigard – Demi Tasse
6. Conway Twitty – Walk Me to the Door
7. Faron Young – Apartment # 9
8. Vince Gill & Terri Clark – I Can’t Keep You in Love with Me
9. Maceo Parker – Rabbits in the Pea Patch
10. Ted Nash – Something for Nash
11. Jay McShann w/ Charlie Parker – Sepian Bounce
12. Señor Coconut – Smoke on the Water
13. Ted Nash – Organized Crime
14. Larry Goldings – All I Want
15. Songhai – Sute Monebo
16. Willie Nelson – Recollection Phoenix
17. Elvis Costello – Watche your Step
18. Nancy Wilson – Alone with my Thoughts of You
19. Nancy Wilson – You’ve got your Troubles
20. Steely Dan – Peg
21. Kronos Quartet – Crepuscule with Nellie
22. Barney Kessel – Something for Cat
23. The Impressions – Gypsy Woman
24. Lester Young – Love Me or Leave Me
25. Little Walter – Juke
26. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Let’s Move
27. Abdullah Ibrahim – Blue Bolero
28. Los Tucanes de Tijuana – Jugo a la vida
29. Kahil El’Zabar – All Blues

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