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Greetings from Indianapolis, IN

Here in Indy with the spousal unit, the issue and Tomás. The spousal unit has a conference on diabetes here, so we tagged along, tagged it to the end of the trip, so to speak. This is the tenth day on the road, I'm enjoying myself as much as I can, but I'm ready to get back home to a little duller routine.

Michigan was great, as usual. In Mancelona, I saw my mom and Walter, we drove up to Eastport to go swimming in Grand Traverse Bay. We attended a cookout where I saw a classmate I hadn't seen in 30 years (we reminisced about the many shenanigans we were involved in back in the day) and where got to drive a go kart. I played a lot of basketball with Tomás, and saw my friend Ken perform at the Williamsburg Dinner Theater.

After a quick stop in Mt. Pleasant to see my brother, I made the five-hour drive to Indianapolis. I am pleasantly surprised with this city. A river runs through it, and it's pretty happening. We went go Kart racing (imagine: after not driving a go kart for 45 years, I drive two in the space of a week). We rented a paddleboat and went up and down the canal.

This morning we all did a 5K. The issue (who may have run a personal-best time) and Tomás ran, while the spousal unit and I walked. The dang thing started at 6:30 a.m ... At least I got to see the sun rise over the Indianapolis skyline.... Oh, and we got to pose with the Indiana Pacers' mascot.

Tomorrow afternoon, the long drive back to Carolina.



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