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Skunk and Rabbit

Place: Mancelona, Michigan

Time: Around midnight

The spousal unit was looking out the window. "Come and see this, Mark," she said.

When I looked out the window there was a small skunk with a plastic cup or maybe a jar stuck on its snout. It was going around in circles in the street and driveway, seemingly blinded but attracted to the light from the street light.

We toyed with the idea of going out there, throwing a blanket over it to keep its tail down so it couldn't spray, and then pulling the jar off. Toyed with the idea, but thought better of it.

I looked out a couple hours later, and it was gone. I hope that it managed to get the jar off.

My mom has a problem with skunks tearing up her lawn looking for grubs, and, along with the rabbits, getting into the garden. When I was up in Mancelona about a month ago, I lubricated and set hair-trigger a couple of traps. Within a day I had a rabbit. Mike, the neighbor, took it a few miles north of town and set it free.

The day before yesterday, Mike told me he had caught a skunk in the same trap. He said it was a small one, and pretty worked up. He managed to take it to the woods and set it free without getting sprayed.

My hope is that it was the same skunk that had its snout stuck in the jar.


Place: Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Time: Around 9:00 p.m.

We drove to my brother's place as the first leg of our journey back south. Steve has been having trouble with his back, so we didn't want to overstay our welcome. When we got there, Maya said she had a favor to ask of me. Would I help her bury a rabbit? Sure, I said.

In the bushes, just outside the back door, was a dead rabbit. We're not sure how it died. One hypothesis is that it was attacked by a ferocious cat. Steve says there's a big one that hunts in those bushes. Another idea is that it was poisoned somehow and just died there. We'll never know.

I got a shovel, dug up the sod in about a two-foot circle in the back of the yard, set it aside, then dug down about a foot and a half or two feet. I scooped up the rabbit with the shovel, gently laid it down in the hole, covered it with dirt. Then, on my knees, replaced the sod.

It thundered and lightninged all night with considerable (and much needed) rain. That will help the sod take again.


Earlier this summer a skunk got into our garage; we found it in an empty garbage can. (Why it was in the EMPTY one I don't understand.) Jim and Cory got a lid on the can and drove it in the back of the truck out to Hannah Lane. One hard corner with the tailgate down and the can rolled out of the back. They came back later to get the can...

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