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Catamount Community Radio - May 27, 2012

Well, they fixed the floor, new carpet, and they did a nice job laying it down. I always appreciate fine craftsmanship, since I'm incapable of it myself. I see some nicely poured concrete, a curved railing, anything, and I say to myself, wow.

I made a pun worthy of Fern Lulham after listening to Coleman Hawkins play "I Talk to the Trees," I said "Well, I don't talk to the trees, I talk to myself, and the trees just 'leavesdrop.'"

I got an email from Hartwell a week back, telling me that his wife, Alex, had just been accepted into graduate school, and "...can you play a congratulatory song for her? I know she listens to your show. Maybe something about a second chance or about starting out on a new road/life, or just something about being old." I did the best I could. I realized that the "congratulatory" songs I was familiar with were ironic, i.e. congratulations on leaving me high and dry, alone and miserable without you. Cf. Paul Simon and Faron Young.

So what I did, and I hope this floated, was play a couple of celebration songs by Derrick Harriot. He was singing about Jamaican independence, so I said something like "do the mental exercise of substituting 'getting into grad school' for 'Jamaican independence." Then, for the "being old" part of the request, Johnny Cash's "My Old Faded Rose":

Oh, you have got them all hanging around
Like the fringes on your gown
You're picking them up and a laying them low
My old faded rose
Was it me that said you're getting old
And a losing your appeal
Was it me that said you're growing cold
And I wanted another deal
Well, I see that you're not wilted
But you never did let it show
Why didn't I know about the fiery glow
In my old faded rose

I just got my swag yesterday from WFMU. For me, the word "swag" means the goodies that you get when you donate money to a radio station. I understand that for the younger generation it means something like what I would mean with the word "swagger," a sort of strutting confidence. Here, they took off the -er. The exact opposite of what they do with the word "creep." For the youths today, a creep is a "creeper," while for me a creeper is like ivy or kudzu. Language!

So along with my bumper sticker and my Glen Jones / X Ray burns DVD was the deluxe version of U2's Achtung Baby. I used to listen to U2 on my boom box (cassettes) in the mid eighties as I washed dishes at the Taj Mahal restaurant in East Lansing. Soon enough I quit listening to them; Bono was just too earnest for me. But I popped Achtung Baby into the CD player ... and it's pretty good.

The album was recorded in Dublin and Berlin ... Speaking of Germany, when a German interviewer asked Charles Bukowski for his definition of love he responded, "when you see a fog in the morning. It's just there for a little while and it burns off.

"Really?" She replied.

Then he refined his answer into a quotable quote: "Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality."

Well, for Bono, love is blindness. I knew "Love is Blindness" from Cassandra Wilson's cover. What I didn't know was that it was a U2 song. So we listened to both, starting with Wilson's cover.

I guarantee, this is the first time I've played U2 on CCR. I also played "Mysterious Ways."

Anyway, Happy Memorial Day. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (Michigan time) on WWCU-FM.

1. Abdullah Ibraham – The Mountain
2. Coleman Hawkins – I Talk to the Trees
3. Jesse Van Ruller – Everything Happens to Me
4. Otis Redding – You Left the Water Running
5. Nick Lowe – Lately I’ve Let Things Slide
6. Johnny Hodges – Two Sleepy People
7. Derrick Harriot – Happy Times
8. Johnny Cash – My Old Faded Rose
9. Nick Lowe – Somebody Cares for Me
10. Tennessee Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons
11. Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman
12. Duke Ellington – The Feeling of Jazz
13. Blind Blake – Diddy Wah Ditty
14. Chico Freeman – You Are Too Beautiful
15. Sly & the Family Stone – Thankful and Thoughtful
16. William De Vaughn – Be Thankful for What You Got
17. Maceo Parker – In Time
18. Jimmy McGriff – Dig On It
19. U2 – Mysterious Ways
20. Cassandra Wilson – Love is Blindness
21. U2 – Love is Blindness
22. Sketch Show – Microtalk
23. Rumbanella Band – El Congo
24. Antonio Arcaño – Mambo
25. Joe Walsh – Analog Man
26. Miles Davis – Devil May Care
27. Derrick Harriot – Our Time to Celebrate
28. Johnny Cash – We’ll Meet Again

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