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Greetings from Atlanta, GA

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking, "Should I do this?" I was looking at the Nick Lowe tour dates, and I saw that Atlanta was the closest he'd be. So I looked at my schedule, saw that I had my last final exam that morning. Smooth. I could give the exam, wrap up as best I could, drive down to Atlanta, check into a hotel, see the show, and drive back the next morning. I have a serious case of abulia, not in the modern, psychiatric sense of the word, but more in line with its Greek origins. I overcame it though, booked a hotel, bought the ticket to the show ... made the drive (about enough to drive me crazy itself) and here I am.

I quite like this hotel. It's an old building; you unlock the door with a key rather than a card. Plus it's within walking distance from the venue where I saw the show. Speaking of the show, I can say without hyperbole, that it was quality entertainment ... but I think it merits an entry to itself. Needless to say, I'm glad I pushed my abulia aside and did this. It was worth the drive.

I suppose this is sort of hipster Atlanta. When I post some photos over at Mondo Marco you can judge for yourself. After the drive, I checked in, bought some Pilser Urquell at the corner gas station, and chilled in my room for awhile. Then I went out, armed with my map, which I had printed from Google, and determined to find a certain Japanese izakaya to have some nigiri sushi. Well, I got lost, and walked a little too far. I asked a parking attendant for directions and found the venue. I decided to eat nearby. I stopped in a beer bar, and had grits with shrimp and mushrooms (very good) and washed it down with a Georgia beer called "Terrapin Golden Ale," which the menu described thusly: "drinks like a rich-bodied pilsner, very sessionable." What the freak does that mean? Very sessionable? I realize that beer has achieved, at least here, the status of wine, and is now described with the same sort of language: "citrus, honey, tea, vanilla, smooth sweet flavor." and so on.

Then on to the sublime concert. On which, more later.

On the way home I stopped quickly in a bar for a shot of Maker's Mark, neat. And now here I am in this groovy hotel, typing on a laptop. To think that tomorrow, god willing, it will be merely a memory.

As I type, Elvis Costello comes on the ipod with "Alison," which is the tune that Nick Lowe closed the concert with, solo, with his guitar.



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