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Catamount Community Radio - April 29, 2012

I opened the show with the Velvet Underground doing "Jesus":

Jesus, help me find my proper place
Jesus, help me find my proper place
Help me in my weakness
'Cos I'm falling out of grace
Jesus, help me find my proper place

How free is my form? Well. today I played both Miley Cyrus and Sun Ra. One of my favorite Dylan songs is "You're gonna make me lonesome when you're gone." I thought I might like to hear a cover, so I checked the itunes store to see what they had. Cyrus's version was the most popular one; I gave it a listen and I liked it. I had a version by Madeleine Peyroux, but I wanted something different. It's sort of weird to hear Miley Cyrus cite Verlaine and Rimbaud, but cool.

The other two Dylan tunes were "Not Dark Yet," from 1997's Time Out of Mind album.

Shadows are falling and I’ve been here all day
It’s too hot to sleep, time is running away
Feel like my soul has turned into steel
I’ve still got the scars that the sun didn’t heal
There’s not even room enough to be anywhere
It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there

My friend Ron claims not to like any post-sixties Dylan. I don't understand that. The other number was "Early Morning Rain." It's a Gordon Lightfoot tune that Dylan covers, appropriately enough.

This old airport's got me down, it's no earthly good to me
Because I'm stuck here on the ground, cold and drunk as I might be
You can't hop a jet plane like you can a freight train
So I'd best be on my way in the early morning rain.

It's included on Self Portrait, a 1970 double album of mostly covers. The tunes have that Nashville Skyline sound. Dylan called it his official bootleg album.

We heard two from Willie Nelson, "Crazy," the big hit that he penned for Patsy Cline, and "Recollection Phoenix":

Recollection Phoenix
I wonder when the hell did I got older
My mind still on my woman
I wonder what she thinks of when I hold her

Judging by the silence
You might think the road has made her colder
But I can’t live without her
And I can’t remember if I ever told her

We heard two from Bob Marley, including "Duppy Conquerer." from the Burnin' album. This was the last album with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. I love the vocal harmonies: Peter Tosh at the bottom, Bunny Wailer up high, falsetto even.

For the jazz: Gabor Szabo pickin' that guitar, Monk, John Lewis, Cobb's Mob, Kenny Burrell, Chet Baker, Joel Frahm and Brad Mehldau, Sonny Stitt, Sun Ra.

Ella Fitzgerald, covered Cole Porter's "You're the Top". I admit, I like a Berlin ballad, Whistler's Mama, a turkey dinner, cellophane, but I could do without a Waldorf salad.

All this and more. Catamount Community Radio, Sundays 10-12 (Daylight Saving Time) on WWCU-FM.

1. The Velvet Underground – Jesus
2. Joel Frahm & Brad Mehldau – Away from Home
3. Bob Marley – Jammin’
4. Willie Nelson – Crazy
5. Cobb’s Mob – I Miss You, My Love
6. Carmen McRae – You Took Advantage of Me
7. Nick Lowe – Checkout Time
8. Sun Ra – Tapestry from an Astroid
9. Mose Allison – Everything I have is Yours
10. Miley Cyrus – You’re Gonna Make me Lonely When You’re Gone
11. Bob Dylan – Not Dark Yet
12. John Lewis – December, Remember
13. Chet Baker – I Talk to the Trees
14. Sly & the Family Stone – Brave and Strong
15. Orquesta Aragón – La comparsa
16. Sonny Stitt – After You’ve Gone
17. Ella Fitzgerald – You’re the Top
18. Bob Marley & the Wailers – Duppy Conquerers
19. Fairground Attraction – A Smile and a Whisper
20. Bob Dylan – Early Morning Rain
21. Nick Lowe – So It Goes
22. Kenny Burrell – Ballad of the Sad Young Man
23. Willie Nelson – Recollection Phoenix
24. Gabor Szabo – Gypsy
25. Groundhog – Take it Off
26. Unknown Jamaican – Dorothy
27. Thelonious Monk – I Love You Sweetheart of All My Dreams
28. Steve Earle – This City



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