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Catamount Community Radio - April 15, 2012

Last night I attended the Jazz Festival here on campus. It opened with the AC Reynolds high school jazz band. Wow, those kids were surprisingly good. Then the WCU Jazz Ensemble played with special guest Joel Frahm. They were simply great. After a brief intermission, the heavy hitters came out, and played a great set: Pavel, Joel Frahm et al. Some musicians are just too good. At least I'm not one of them.

With that in mind, I played Frahm and Brad Mehldau playing Frahm's "Away from Home," which he composed in Tokyo. A poignant ballad.

I opened the show up with Allen Toussaint's "Tipitina and Me," showcasing his mastery of the New Orleans, Professor Longhair, piano style. From Toussaint I also played a funk number from back in the day called "Either," and then one of the records he produced, Willie West's "Fairchild."

We heard Nicholas Payton play After You've Gone. The tune has been done by everybody from Bessie Smith to Charlie Parker to Fiona Apple. It's a nifty piece of song-writing, with a cool stop-time break (that Payton and his band make good use of).

We heard a doo-wop hit from the fifties, Tommy Edwards' "It's All in the Game," then Keith Jarrett covering it.

Ella Mae Morse did "Down in Mexico," and then, down in México, Carlos Gómez, accompanied by accordion wizard Paulino Vargas, did a real Mexican tune.

Lavern Baker, "Jim Dandy":

Jim Dandy in a submarine
Got a message from my mermaid queen.
She was hanging from a fishing line.
Mr. Dandy didn't waste no time!
Jim Dandy to the rescue!
Go, Jim Dandy! Go, Jim Dandy!

Jim Dandy wanted to go to Maine.
Got a ticket on a DC plane.
Mr. Dandy didn't need no suit!
He was high and ready to boot!
Jim Dandy to the rescue!
Go, Jim Dandy! Go, Jim Dandy!

These 1950s rock songs had great, honking tenor sax solos. Those cats could do a lot with one note.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Daylight Saving time), on WWCU-FM.

1. Allen Toussaint – Tipitina and Me
2. Keith Jarett – It’s All in the Game
3. Wom – Awakening
4. Paul Simon – Diamonds on the Soles of my Shoes
5. Nicholas Payton – After You’ve Gone
6. Tommy Edwards – It’s All in the Game
7. Ben Webster – The Duke and the Brute
8. John Coltrane – Why Was I Born?
9. Ella Mae Morse – Down in Mexico
10. Carlos Gómez & Paulino Vargas – Adiós, angel mío
11. Dinah Washington – What a Difference a Day Made
12. Joel Frahm & Brad Mehldau – Away from Home
13. Tram, Bix & Eddie – For No Reason at All in C
14. Charlie Rich – Life Has its Little Ups and Downs
15. Dinah Washington/ Max Ricter – This Bitter Earth / On the Nature of Daylight
16. Allen Toussaint – Either
17. Tom Waits – Jockey Full of Bourbon
18. Ben Allison – Goin’ Back
19. Millenial Territory Orchestra – Boy in the Boat
20. Lavern Baker – Jim Dandy
21. Gene & Eunice – Move it Over, Baby
22. Laurindo Almeida – Tocata
23. Elvis Costello – Little Triggers
24. Willie West – Fairchild
25. Dave Holland – Conference of the Birds
26. Amadou & Miriam – B’bife
27. Fats Waller & Al Casey – Buck Jumpin’
28. Abdullah Ibrahim – The Mountain

Allen Toussaint


True Story

At least the part that, I came to Maine... and don't need no suit.
I'm Jim Dandy and I approve this message!

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