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Catamount Community Radio - March 18, 2012

I ran the board almost flawlessly today ... one minor pregnant pause; other than that, smooth sailing. That's the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it.

Springsteen has a new album out, pretty good from what I can tell. Bruce seems to be exasperated with the way things are going, to judge by his lyrics. I played three tunes from it, my favorite of which is "Rocky Ground."

We heard a couple from the Duke of Ellington, "Eque" from the Latin American Suite album, featuring Paul Gonsalves, probably from the sixties; and "Caravan" from back in the day, surely the thirties. When Cootie Williams plays that plunger trumpet solo, it sends me. I need to borrow some adjectives from Guy Fiere to describe how good that shiznit is.

Could there be another radio show freeform enough to follow Bob Marley with Flatt & Scruggs? Nashville cats, no wonder they can pick so well, "they've been playin' since they's babies."

Frank Sinatra sang "It's nice to go trav'lin'." (but it's great to be home again). In the lyric he uses the word "fliver," which I've heard, but I don't know what it means. A car? Google to the rescue: yes, a car... originally a Model T. At the end of tune, Sinatra riffs

Burn the passport ...
Light the home fire ...
Get my slippers ...
Make a pizza

Beyond that, the usual saxophone tooting and random shenanigans. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (Daylight Saving Time) on WWCU-FM.

1. Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Alma mía
2. Duke Ellington – Eque
3. Freddie King – Bossa Nova Watusi Twist
4. Ella Fitzgerald – Wait Until You See Her
5. The Futuristic Ensemble – Davenport Blues
6. Cozy Cole – The Charleston
7. Frank Sinatra – It’s Nice to go Trav’lin’
8. Mary Lou Williams – Mary Lou’s Blues
9. Bruce Springsteen – We are Alive
10. Dr. John – Wade in the Water
11. Bruce Springsteen - We Take Care of our Own
12. Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis & Shirley Scott – Tangerine
13. Aaron Parks – Roadside Attraction
14. Cannonball Adderley (w/ John Coltrane) – A Weaver of Dream
15. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
16. Funkadelic – (Not Just Knee Deep) Freak of the Week
17. Abdullah Ibrahim – Whoza Mtwana
18. Duke Ellington – Caravan
19. Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up
20. Flatt & Scruggs – Nashville Cats
21. Merle Travis – I’ll See You in my Dreams
22. Johnny Cash – Mama, You’ve Been on my Mind
23. Bebo Valdés – Danza Lucumí
24. Nancy Wilson – Can’t Take my Eyes off of You
25. Bruce Springsteen – Rocky Ground
26. Marvin Hamlish – Solace
27. Gene Krupa – Disc Jockey Jump
28. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes for You
29. Jimmy McGriff – Sugar, Sugar
30. Ernst Reijseger/Franco D'Andrea – I love You So Much it Hurts
31. Ray Charles – How Would You Feel
32. DJ Food – Well Swung
33. The Gospel Harmonettes of Demopolis, Alabama – Jesus on the Main Line


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I like your sharp wit. You're a cleaver fellow!

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Thank you, your Dandiness.

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