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Catamount Community Radio - March 4, 2012

Friday night I went up to Glenville to listen to my friend Tyler's jazz quartet ... they were sounding great, and let me sit in and play a couple of my tunes, including "Summer's Over, George," which takes the chords from George Harrison's "Something" and jazzifies them. Of the tunes I've written, it's one of my favorites. Anyhoo, during the evening you could see the crazy weather outside: lightning, hail, strong wind, rain. It was while half the nation was being ravaged by a host of tornados. Talk about weather. Maybe I should have brought the music to another of my tunes, "Lovely Weather, Heather." The title of this tune came from Louis Armstrong's "Lovely Weather We're Having," which I was compelled to play today. You know, one day it's 70 degrees, the next day is wind, rain and hail and the earthworms are seeking a dry place. The next day it's in the 40s and I'm cold. Lovely weather. At this moment I'm looking at some lovely snow flurries through the window.

Which leads me to my next topic: spring. Mancelona, Michigan, my beloved hometown, gets two feet of snow dumped on it, while down here it's pure daffodils, and some have even cranked up the lawnmowers. Why does spring hang you up the most? because while the flowers bloom, while the world turns green, while young hearts fall in love ... we just get another year older, the hairs turn white. I think that's what TS Eliot was getting at.

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

Played homage to Davy Jones of the Monkees who died last week. I remember sitting in my friend Norman's basement, way back when, listening to his brother's 45s of the Beatles and the Monkees. They were peers to me. We heard the Monkees do " Pleasant Valley Sunday," and a couple of covers. Smash Mouth with "I'm a Believer." I was hoping to offend linguist Hartwell with this one. No word yet whether I was successful. I played Japanese guitar duo Acoustophere cover "Daydream Believer."

Moondog did his round "Be a Hobo."

Be a hobo and go with me
from Hoboken to the sea.

The show was lovely. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST) on WWCUFM.

1. Ben Webster – Some Other Spring
2. Chico Hamilton – Daydream
3. Frank Marocco & Simone Zanchini – The Flinstones
4. Oscar Peterson – Younger Than Springtime
5. Aníbal Troilo – Inspiración
6. Frankie Trumbauer – Ostrich Walk
7. Freddie Hubbard – Up Jumped Spring
8. The Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday
9. Kronons Quartet – Crepuscule with Nellie
10. アコースフィア– Daydream Believer
11. Joseph Spence – Living on the Hallelujah Side
12. Louis Armstrong – Lovely Weather We’re Having
13. Gaelic Storm – The Tornado Disasters
14. Roy Baker – The Tornado Disasters
15. Freddie Roach – Lujon
16. Ella Fitzgerald – Solitude
17. Coleman Hawkins – I Talk to the Trees
18. Moondog – Be a Hobo
19. Nashville Bluegrass Band – Blue Train
20. Carmen McRae – Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
21. Tom Waits – You Can Never Hold Back Spring
22. Benny Goodman – Fine and Dandy
23. Quincy Jones – Abso-beedin’-lutely
24. Walter Smith III – Blues
25. Smash Mouth – I’m a Believer
26. Bossa ‘n’ Ramones – Blitzkrieg
27. Ahmad Jamal – We Live in Two Different
28. Jimi Hendrix – Born Under a Bad
29. アコースフィア– Daydream Believer



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