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Catamount Community Radio - February 12, 2012

After playing a little basketball yesterday evening I was happy with myself for not making a jackass of myself. After a few games of 21 with the Issue, I joined the whippersnappers for a full court game. I even hit the game-winning shot. But .... but today I feel a little sore and a little old. Such is life and the irreversible nature of time.

I started off with Sonny Rollins' wonderful version of "How are things in Glocca Morra" and I then cleverly quoted the lyric, "Are the willows still weeping?" A little while later long-time listener Tim called and told me that he liked the quip. I remember Tim calling back in the days when the studio was in the basement of Moore Hall. A long time ago. The idea that a guy has been listening to the show regularly for more than ten years makes me feel good.

I played a couple of blues numbers from Freddie King, the first with the novelty title "The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist." It's built upon a killer guitar riff. When I heard this I had the idea of starting a band called the "The Freddie King Project." It would have a horn section, which I'd play alto in. When the time came, I'd put the sax down and play the electric guitar. Slim chance of the project ever being realized, but dreaming is good.

Speaking of Freddies. We heard a couple by Filipino singer Freddie Aguilar. Scott Soriano writes

"Aguilar's importance centers on two things. First is he wrote and performed a song called "Anak" ... It not only lodged itself in the Philippine charts at number one, it topped the charts in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries in Southeast Asia. There are over 100 versions of it recorded, in 23 languages. Number two: Prior to "Anak"'s success, Aguilar was one of many artists associated with Pinoy Rock, the Filipino version of rock & roll, which started in the 1960s but really took off in the Seventies. Pinoy Rock was to serve as part of the cultural roots of opposition to the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.


While "Anak" is a nice song, it is the rest of the album which I dig the most. Aguilar's best stuff is quiet, moody, and mildly psychedelic. It has the feel of Danny Kirwan-era Fleewood Mac mixed with a bit of Leonard Cohen (music not vocals). When Aguilar "rocks," it is a laid back sound, something that is a bit like a bluesy Sir Douglas Quintet. It's really nice stuff."

While browsing in the used book store (I see a huge bird of prey in the tree on the other side of the parking lot) the lady was playing a Les Paul album. One of the tunes had accordion on it ... it was lovely, but (foolish me) I neglected to ask what the tune was. I spent probably a half hour trying to find the song in the itunes store, but to no avail. I played some Les Paul anyway. It was nice.

Louis and Louis (Armstrong and Jordan) goofed on "Life is so Peculiar"

Oh life is so peculiar,
You get so wet in the rain,
You get so warm in the sunshine,
It doesn't pay to complain,
When I get up each morning,
There's nothing to breathe but air,
When I look in the mirror,
There's nothing to comb but hair,
When I sit down to breakfast,
Nothing to eat but food,
Life is so peculiar but you can't stay home and brood

Sometimes I'm tempted to stay home and brood. But I put on my happy face the best I can and I head out into the big world!

A few years ago the Buena Vista Social Club was all the rage. I thought to myself, these guys are good ... but they sound so old! (sorry for sounding ageist). My hope was that those geezers would inspire people to delve a little deeper into the rich Afro-Cuban musical tradition. With that in mind, I played Cheo Feliciano doing "El ratón."

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant did "Killing the Blues." (Hint: you kill them with Cadillacs, loose women, and liquor). I'm waiting now for Alison's cover of "Whole Lotta Love."

All this, and so much more. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST) on WWCU-FM.

1. Sonny Rollins – How Are Things in Glocca Morra
2. Dr. John – Delicado
3. Duke Ellington – Pyramid ‘38
4. Brad Mehldau – Franklin Avenue
5. Blind Willie McTell – Cold Winter Day
6. Freddie Aguilar – Ksayayan
7. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Killing the Blues
8. Freddie King – Bossa Nova Watusi Twist
9. Les Paul – Blue Skies
10. Sam Cooke – Out in the Cold Again
11. Teddy Wilson & Benny Goodman – Avalon
12. Ray Charles – Come Rain or Come Shine
13. Marc Ribot – It Could Have Been Very Very Beautiful
14. Aaron Parks – Riddle Me This
15. Norah Jones – Cold Cold Heart
16. Grant Green – Lullaby of the Leaves
17. Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan – Life is so Pecculiar
18. Freddie King – Surf Monkey
19. Freddie Aguilar – Ikaw Bay Pilipino
20. Cheo Feliciano – El ratón
21. Percy Mayfield – Please Send Me Someone to Love
22. Avishai Cohen – Continuo
23. Coleman Hawkins – Under Paris Skies
24. Ella Fitzgerald – Solitude
25. John Coltrane – What’s New
26. Les Paul – Moonglow
27. Chaka Khan – Castles Made of Sand
28. Kenny Burrell – Ballad of the Sad Young Men
29. Duke Ellington – The Star-Crossed Lovers
30. Kahil El Zabar – Ornette
31. Kim Burrell – I’m Gonna Praise Him

Les Paul

Chaka Khan



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