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Catamount Community Radio - February 5, 2012

Last century, when I was just getting started in radio, a few other dudes and I started "Catamount Community Radio." The idea was to bring in different people every week to share their record collections with the community. I took to it immediately .... but with time the other guys dropped out and it became my show. I don't think I elbowed them out. I was simply ready, willing, and eager to show up every Sunday morning at 9:00 to do radio.

At a certain point in time, I decided to quit making it a guest-based show. There was a cat, very knowledgeable about New Orleans and Memphis music, and soul in general. We're doing the show together, or he's doing his show with my help, and he refers to me over the air as "my technician." It's true that I have artistic pretensions of my own when it comes to radio, so naturally the remark stung a little bit. To myself I said, "enough ..." From that point on I decided to do the show solo. The mission of the original Catamount Community Radio was noble, but at times a pain when it came to practice. So I ended up with a show, and I ran with it. Since then I've had guests on occasion, but having guests share their record collections has long since ceased to be the focus of the show.

Anyhoo, today we reverted back to the old days. A friend, Julie Van Leuven, won a spot on the radio through some sort of silent auction. When she told me about it, I invited her to come to the station to do a show with me. So, for the most part, she chose the music today, and we chit-chatted between the songs. (I chose ten or eleven of the songs; she chose the rest ... Can you guess who chose what?) Julie used to dee-jay at WXDU in Durham, where she tells me she would get into trouble occasionally for not following the playlist!

I don't believe in playlists being imposed on you. I believe in free-form radio; the freer it is, the less form it has, as X.Ray says. Thanks, Power 90.5, for letting me wave my free form flag high on Sunday mornings!

Thanks, Julie. We did a good show!

So, unless I'm kicked off the air by the authorities, I'll be on the air again next Sunday 10-12 (EST) on WWCU-FM.

1. Josh Phillips Folk Festival – Morning Star
2. Don Byas – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
3. 1 Giant Leap – Bushes
4. Bruce Cockburn – Strange Waters
5. Pearl Bailey & Frank Sinatra – A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing
6. Willis – Word Up
7. Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady
8. Greyboy Allstars – Still Waiting
9. Gnarles Barkley – Transformer
10. SBRTRKT – Wildfire
11. Avishai Cohen – After the Big Rain
12. Gotan Project – Chunga’s Revenge
13. Marisa Monte – Na Estrada
14. Nuyorican Soul – Habriendo el Dominante
15. Duke Ellington – Pyramid ‘38
16. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Petite fleur
17. Martin Sexton – Can’t Stop Thinkin’ ‘bout You
18. Ali Farke Touré – Sega
19. Lenny Kravitz – It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over
20. Lenny Kravitz – Mr. Cab Driver
21. Nick Lowe – Blame it on the Rain
22. José González – Killing for Love
23. Steve Earle – Rich Man’s War
24. Duhks – Fast-Paced World
25. Lyle Lovett – Church
26. Yolanda + Overtone – 9,000 Days

The Duhks



haha, "Last Century." That is awesome!
I'm gonna start saying that. I've had over a decade to think of it but didn't. Thanks, old friend!

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