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Lake Superior State's List of Banned Words, 2012

I have to admit that this year's list of words makes me feel out-of-touch with "the culture." (How about that for a word to ban? ... "Culture" with the definite article). I was blissfully unaware of many of this year's nominees. I will comment nonetheless.

1. AMAZING. Right. I even hear "really amazing." Does amazing really need an adverb? Agreed the word, due to overuse, doesn't mean what it should mean anymore.

2. BABY BUMP. People my age hardly ever have babies, so it is hardly surprising that I haven't heard the term much. Whoever came up with it was clever; I suppose it is merely a victim of overuse.

3. SHARED SACRIFICE. Probably used by people who mean, "this is gonna hurt you, but it's not gonna hurt me ... chump!"

4. OCCUPY. I'm going to occupy my bed until my demands are met. I just need to figure out what my demands are.

5. BLOWBACK. This is actually a good word, when used correctly. It refers to the unforeseen and negative consequences of one's actions. For example, 9-11 can be considered "blowback" from our meddling in Afghanistan in the 1980s during he Soviet occupation, and training the Muhajadeen. But when it is used merely as a synonym for "reaction," something is wrong.

6. MAN CAVE. I don't want a space with weapons, a huge flat-screen TV upon which to watch football, and exemplars of the taxidermic art on the walls. But in some ways my office is a man cave, even though it's not really manly in a manly man sort of way. I agree that this one needs to be banished.

7. THE NEW NORMAL. I somehow figure that the old normal was preferable.

8. PET PARENT. Never heard this one. I'm fond of the furry critters, but I don't think of myself as a parent.

9. WIN THE FUTURE. Stupid. If you read between the lines, it means, "I win, you lose, sucker."

10. TRICKERATION. Apparently a football analyst term. Haven't heard it. I hardly watch TV.

10. GINORMOUS. A cross between "gigantic" and "enormous." I haven't heard this one either. This sort of stuff is cute only if you make it up yourself, or if you repeat it to people who have never heard it before.

11. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. Means extra pressure to give me money? Perhaps. I should have put this one first. "Thank you in advance for reading my blog entry all the way to the end."


This was a really awesome blog.

I'll thank you later!

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