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Greetings from Mancelona, MI

It's a winter wonderland, y'all. Pulled into town on Christmas day; I drove the last bit, from Grayling, in a snowstorm .. . heavy slushy snow. The roads were slicker than a weasel.

The next day, like today, was bright and sunny. We took a stroll down amnesia lane. I took a bunch of pictures that I'll eventually post on Mondo Marco. I put up a handicapped parking sign at the Catholic church as my good deed of the day.

Yesterday my brother and I visited every thrift shop in town so he could look through the stacks of records. He didn't find any, and again it was a snowy, windy, day. My theory is that that the affluence (or relative lack thereof) of a town can be judged on the prevalence of thrift shops. Mancelona, with a population that couldn't exceed 1500 by much, has three.

I've returned to Dickens, and should be finishing Bleak House before the break is over. I've been practicing the sax and jamming a bit with my brother. When I get done here at the library (which has high-speed internet), I'll take the issue sledding.


grimy as an alley

3 thrift shops eh? And they aren't calling them antique stores?
I bought my rock n roll trunk for 20 bucks at an antique store in down town Mancy when I was 17. Last time I was there I think it was a cafe or diner. Maybe called, The Hole in the Wall? Located somewhere between D&B and The Tavern. That's my little piece of Mancelona Rock n Roll History.
Drive slippery, the roads are careful!

three thrift stores,

a Dollar General and a Family Dollar. And the beer and the gasoline is expensive!

Re: three thrift stores,

sorry, "are" expensive. Walked down to pumphouse yesterday and checked out the hill where the famous sledding pic. was snapped.

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