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Catamount Community Radio - November 13, 2011

My modus operandi is to come in to my office on Saturday afternoons and create a playlist for the next morning. I burn three or four CDs, giving me more than enough music for two hours of radio. Sometimes I have a theme (trucks and trains, Detroit), sometimes I feature a certain artist (Jelly Roll Morton, Hoagy Carmichael), but usually its just a freeform mishmash. I will do stuff like look at song length (are there any songs that clock in at 3:13 that I want to play?), sometimes I type in a keyword ("cry" gives "Cry Baby Cry," "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry," etc. Yesterday, after a certain point, I decided to search by genre, so I typed in "World." I had enough material for a radio show before I even got to the D's. I like to play music from other countries, countries like France, Bulgaria, and Brooklyn. So, today we heard, among other things, Ethiopian music, Manu Chau, Tinariwen, Balkan Beat Box, Soap Kills. Soap Kills? I wonder where that one came from. I have so much music in my itunes library, some of it I can't remember where it came from. I didn't find a lot on the internet about Soap Kills. I did find this album cover:

We listened to a few more songs from Nick Lowe.

Ella sang the "Cow Cow Boogie":

Now singin' his cowboy songs
He's just too much
He's got a knocked out western accent with a Harlem touch
He was raised on loco weed
He's what you call a swingin' half breed
Singin' his Cow Cow Booogie in the strangest way
Comma ti yi yi yeah
Comma ti yippity yi yeah

I played Fats Waller and Al Casey's "Buck Jumpin'. I fed "buck jumping" into the search engine and found this video:

I promised some Anita O'Day (whom I adore) and delivered with a little collaboration with Cal Tjader, "Occasional Man."

I've got an island, it's very lazy,
If I should ever leave it I'd be crazy!
I've got papayas, peaches,
Sandy beaches,
And - an occasional man!
When I go swimmin',
I am always dressed in style,
'Cause I go swimmin'
Wearin' just a great big smile!

We heard Sugar Pie de Santos (what a name!) sing "Go Go Power" She tosses off a "I could dance with you until the cows come home" near the end of the song, causing me to quote Groucho: "I could dance with you until the cows come home, or I could dance with the cows until YOU come home."

A played a cut from Tom Waits' (the dear old weird uncle of American pop music?) new album.

Catamount Community Radio, on WWCU, Sunday mornings 10-12, Eastern Coastal time.

1. Duke Ellington – After All
2. Ella Fitzgerald – Cow, Cow Boogie
3. Nick Lowe – Somebody Cares for Me
4. Mor Thiam – Ayo ne ne
5. Teshome Meteku – Gara Ser New Betesh
6. Plastilina Mosh – Baretta 89
7. Don Byron – Charlie’s Prelude
8. David Widelock – Aung San Suu Kyi
9. Stacey Kent – Ces petits riens
10. Alison Krauss & James Taylor – How’s the World Treating You?
11. The Meters – Liver Splash
12. Soap Kills – Cheftak
13. John Kirby & His Onyx Club Boys – Coquette
14. Nick Lowe – Sensitive Man
15. Balkan Beat Box – Sunday Arak
16. Christian McBride, Nick Payton & Mark Whitfield – Chameleon
17. Slicker – God Bless this Mess (This Test We Pass), Haruomi Hosono Remix
18. Fanfare Ciocarlia – 007 (James Bond Theme)
19. Taj Mahal – Chevrolet
20. Manu Chau – Homens
21. James Brown – James Brown’s Boo-Ga-Loo
22. Tinariwen – Chet Boghassa
23. Al Casey & Fats Waller – Buck Jumpin’
24. Anita O’Day – An Occasional Man
25. Eartha Kitt – C’est si bon
26. Hank Williams – Moanin’ the Blues
27. Tom Waits – Raised Right Men
28. Duckmandu – Extremely Large Congenial Romanian
29. Sugar Pie de Santo – Go Go Power
30. Slim & Slam – Caprice Paganini
31. Prince Charles & his Royal Cats – Give Me the Right
32. Jerry Bergonzi – Gecko Plex
33. Bo Duddly – Bo’s Bounce
34. Nick Lowe – Checkout Time

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