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Catamount Community Radio - November 6, 2011

Yesterday I drove to Atlanta and back. That's some six hours behind the wheel. I get down onto I-85 and turn into a nervous wreck. I don't want to listen to the radio; I don't want to talk. Just keep my eyes on the cars in front of me, and the ones coming up behind me. Those cars and trucks weaving in and out of the six lanes at 65 miles an hour have me on edge. Because I'm not like the Atlantans; I'm not used to so many cars on the road at the same time. After a half an hour or so in that traffic, I start to relax and adjust. The South Indian vegetarian food was a compensation.

Daylight Savings Time. I woke up this morning at 5:15. That would have been twenty-four hours after 6:15 yesterday. I had a bite to eat, worked on a puzzle for a bit, and back to sleep. So then when I wake up for real at 8:15, I'm tired. What's the point of Daylight Savings Time, if you don't wake up feeling rested and refreshed?

José Luis and Kati listened from Granada, so I dedicated a couple tunes to them. Those were the days, back in 1993-94, when José Luis and I would go on down to the Paseo de los Tristes to shoot hoops.

I turned the tube on last night to distract myself for a few minutes. On TBS "The Wizard of Oz" was just starting. I had forgotten how good the black and white part was at the beginning. Can you imagine watching that movie in a theater back in 1939? It would have been marvelous. Ah, if I only had a brain, a heart, and some courage! The cool thing is that I had planned to play Don Byas playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" even before I stumbled onto the movie on the idiot box.

We listened to Detroit group Was (Not Was) do "I Feel Better than James Brown." Free association magic?

When we were in love I pretended you didn't exist
That way I loved you more
You suggested we get married and move into a house
I suggested that we jump overboard
And live underwater in the lost city of Atlantis
Where mermaids sing
And tuxedoed dolphins bring you breakfast

One year later I was transfered to the moon
Worse pay, better hours
I was transfered to the moon
Worse pay, better fellow workers

I built our love out of blood
I went to the dentist and told him "take out my heart"
I feel better than James Brown
I feel better now
I feel better than James Brown

I was attending Mardi Gras with Fidel Castro
Buxom cross dressers threw fake gold coins at our feet
As we discussed the fate of the revolution
Suddenly, CIA men dressed in bikinis
Tried to stab us with fountain pens
Fidel blew mustard gas from his cigar
And immobalized the lot of them
19 tequilas later we had a deal
Havana goes back to the mob
And Fidel and I open a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken shops

Ain't life sweet? I feel good
I Feel Better than James Brown

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12, on WWCU-FM.

1. Sir Roland Hannah – Single Petal of a Rose
2. Dave Douglas – November
3. Marc Ribot – Aquí como allá
4. Radio Tarifa – Rumba argelina
5. Don Byas – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
6. María Jiménez – Con dos camas vacías
7. Seu Jorge – Life on Mars?
8. Sly & the Family Stone – Family Affair
9. Kiko Veneno – Manuel
10. Arturo Sandoval – Drume negrita
11. Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am
12. Tom Waits – Walking Spanish
13. Aníbal Velázquez – Sal y agua
14. Kevin Johansen – Desde que te perdí
15. Gerry Mulligan – Splendor in the Grass
16. Henri Guedon – Bilongo
17. Nick Lowe – House for Sale
18. Juan Carmona “Habichuela” – San Nicolás
19. Antonio Carmona – Miedo (tangos)
20. Wyclef Jean – Gone till November
21. Sonny Rollins – Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye
22. Chet Baker – Happy Little Sunbeam
23. Art Van Damme – Blue Lou
24. Albert Pla – El lado más bestia de la vida
25. Juan Carmona "Habichuela" - A mi Africa
26. Was (Not Was) – I Feel Better than James Brown
27. Juanito Valderrama – El emigrante
28. Duke Ellington – Pyramid
29. Larry Goldings – Big Brother
30. The Blind Boys of Alabama – People Get Ready

Juan Carmona "Habichuela"

María Jiménez



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