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Catamount Community Radio - October 16, 2011

Sunday afternoon is one of my favorite times. I head down from the station to my office, light up the computer, start streaming the Glen Jones Radio Programme with X.Ray Burns on WFMU, heat up some leftovers, and start on my CCR blog entry. Especially nice on a fall day like today when, on the other side of the window pane, there are blue skies for miles, pretty-colored trees, and hardly a soul around to distract me.

Today I featured the tunes of Hoagy Carmichael. A few years ago, I read his autobiography. I enjoyed reading about him and Bix Beiderbecke, back in the twenties, drinking bathtub gin by the bathtub full, heading up to Chicago on the weekends to listen to Louis Armstrong play. Carmichael cultivated a rakish image, the hat tilted back, no tie, the cigarette dangling from his mouth, but he wasn't so insouciant that he didn't work hard writing those wonderful tunes. We heard Norah Jones do "The Nearness of You." Fats Waller goofed on "Two Sleepy People" ("two sloppy ... I mean sleepy..."). We heard Louis Armstrong's wonderful version of "Lazy River." Instead of playing the canonical Ray Charles version of "Georgia on my Mind," I decided to play an understated acoustic guitar version by John Scofield. I've heard it said that back in the day before stereos, if you wanted to be a whore-house pianist, you only needed to know how to play two tunes: the blues and "Stardust." We listened to Clifford Brown play "Stardust," and Beiderbecke played "Riverboat Shuffle."

My other little theme was classic Cuban music. There is something magic about old Cuban music.

Antonio Arcaño led a charanga; he played flute and the coda he added to a danzón was, according to accepted wisdom, the first mambo. We also returned to the great lullaby, "Drume, Negrita," this time done as a classical piece by a trio. Later in the show, we listened to another classic Cuban number, "Siboney," as interpreted by Cachao.

Beyond that, Frank Sinatra sang "Cycles."

There isn't much that I have learned
Through all my foolish years
Except that life keeps runnin' in cycles
First there's laughter, then those tears
But I'll keep my head up high
Although I'm kinda tired
My gal just up and left last week
Friday I got fired
You know it's almost funny
But things can't get worse than now
So I'll keep on tryin' to sing
But please, just don't ask me now.

Hartwell called to dedicate a song to his wife, whose birthday it is. I didn't have the tune they wanted to hear, so I played Nat Cole's "All for You" for them. I hope that worked.

Eartha Kitt sang "I Want to be Evil"

All this and more. Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST), on WWCU-FM. Tune in.

1. The Futuristic Ensemble – Davenport Blues
2. Duke Ellington – Little Brown Book
3. Tonny Bennett & Bill Evans – When in Rome
4. Frank Zappa – Zoot Allures
5. Lester Young w/ Count Basie – Indiana
6. Yoshida Brothers – Kagero
7. Norah Jones – The Nearness of You
8. Fats Waller – Two Sleepy People
9. Frank Sinatra – Cycles
10. Antonio Aracaño – Mambo
11. Trío Cervantes – Drume, Negrita
12. Louis Armstrong – Lazy River
13. John Scofield – Georgia on my Mind
14. Peter Wolf & Shelby Lynne – Tragedy
15. Benny Goodman – Fine and Dandy
16. King Crimson – The Sheltering Sky
17. Gang Starr – A Jazz Thing
18. Eric Dolphy – Jitterbug Waltz
19. Israel “Cachao” López – Siboney
20. Bill Frisell – Keep Your Eyes Open
21. Nat Cole Trio – All for You
22. Clifford Brown – Stardust
23. Nicholas Payton – People Make the World Go Round
24. Eartha Kitt – I Want to be Evil
25. Eddie Acock – Mrs. Robinson
26. Terri Clarke & Vince Gill – I Can’t Keep You in Love with Me
27. Mulatu Astatke – Cha Cha
28. Bix Beiderbecke – Riverboat Shuffle
29. Derek Bailey – When Your Lover is Gone

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