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Catamount Community Radio - October 9, 2011

It's a beautiful day. Overcast and gray. The only thing that could make it better would be some rain. I have a lot of homework to grade today ... that, and I need to practice the piano for at least an hour.

Up in Glenville on Friday night, the Tyler Kittle Trio played a classic Cuban tune called "Drume, Negrita." I liked the tune so much that I played two versions of it; one, the classic version, by Bola de Nieve and the other, by Francisco Céspedes. Bola de Nieve's performance name was ironic. It means "snowball" but in fact he was a large black man. But he sat at the piano and sang in a small voice.

This being fall, we heard four versions of "Lullaby of the Leaves." (Grant Green, Zoot Sims, Benny Goodman, and Ella Fitzgerald)

Rustling of the leaves used to be my lullaby,
In the sunny south when I was a tot so high,
And now that I have grown
And myself alone.
Cradle me where Southern skies can watch me with a million eyes,
Oh sing me to sleep,
Lullaby of the leaves.

I played two version of a tune called "I Sold my Heart to the Junkman." I mean, who can resist a title like that?

I gave my heart to you, the one that I trusted
You brought it back to me all broken and busted
So I sold my heart to the junkman
And I'll never fall in love again

Another theme: "Don't Worry." I played the Beach Boys, "Don't Worry, Baby," Marty Robbins, "Don't Worry," and even Dr. Octagon, "Don't Worry Mz Pop Music."

I love this tune by Nick Lowe.

I've been thinking of doing this for years: playing Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" ("Elvis ... was a hero to most people ...."), followed by Elvis himself.

Tony Bennett sang "Last Night When We Were Young."

Last night when we were young
Love was a star, a song unsung
Life was so new, so real so right
Ages ago last night

Today the world is old
You flew away and time grew cold
Where is that star that shone so bright
Ages ago last night?

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST) on WWCU-FM.

1. Etta James – A Sunday Kind of Love
2. Gene Ammons – I Sold my Heart to the Junkman
3. Grant Green – Lullaby of the Leaves
4. Brook Benton – Mother Nature, Father Time
5. Eddie Bo – Eddie’s Gospel
6. Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes – Thank You
7. Johnny Hodges – Two Sleepy People
8. Bola de Nieve – Drume, Negrita
9. Moondog – Lullaby (2 W 46th St.)
10. Nick Lowe – I Read a Lot
11. Ella Fitzgerald – Lullaby of the Leaves
12. Dinah Washington – I Sold my Heart to the Junkman
13. Sonora Ponceña – Woody’s Blue
14. Tony Bennett – Last Night When We Were Young
15. Beli Sosomi – Gbedu 1
16. Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down
17. Zoot Sims – Lullaby of the Leaves
18. Public Enemy – Fight the Power
19. Elvis Presley – Such a Night
20. Willie Nelson – Recollection Phoenix
21. The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry, Baby
22. Marty Robbins – Don’t Worry
23. Dr. Octagon – Don’t Worry, Mz. Pop Music
24. Benny Goodman – Lullaby of the Leaves
25. Betty Carter – There’s No You
26. Sarah Vaughan – Prelude to a Kiss
27. Francisco Céspedes – Drume, Negrita
28. Billie Holliday – These Foolish Things
29. Dusty Springfield – Windmills of your Mind
30. Carla Thomas – Let Me Be Good to You
31. Tony Bennett – Last Night When We Were Young

Sarah Vaughan

Bola de Nieve



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