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1. In the early to mid nineties I was living in Durham. Next to my bed I kept my boom box. I would toggle back and forth between WXDU and WXYC, and when I heard something interesting I would hit record. I eventually had a good archive of music on cassette, and was ready for step two. This involved mixing it down. I made "remix" tapes, editing out the stuff that really wasn't up to snuff, and keeping the good stuff, on cassettes that I could play to amuse myself as I cooked or washed the dishes.

Now, 20 years later, I'm listening to these cassettes, but with new ears. The things that have really called my attention so far: Eric Dolphy doing Elliington's "Come Sunday" (I'm sure that when I listened to it back then I didn't recognize the soloist or the tune, but today, when I typed Eric Dolphy Come Sunday into the search box of the itunes store, it came right up), and Billie Holliday singing "These Foolish Things."

So, I'm still listening to cassettes. But I've decided to trade my record collection to my brother for a hollow-body electric guitar. Do I really need a record player and a bunch of records? The last time I played a record was probably two years ago. For now, I'll be content with cassettes, and with music in a digital format. Lord knows, I have enough of that. I'll miss the vinyl; it will be like releasing a ghost, but I can do it.

2. A little Dickens for you:

"'O Lord!' gasps Mr. Smallweed, looking about him, breathless, from an arm-chair. 'O dear me! O my bones and back! O my aches and pains! Sit down, you dancing, prancing, shambling, scrambling, poll-parrot! Sit down!"

"[H]e's a leech in his dispositions, he's a screw and a wice in his actions, a snake in his twistings, and a lobster in his claws." OK!

"There were many little occurrences which suggested to me ... how natural it is to gentle hearts to be considerate and delicate towards any inferiority." This to me is a good definition of what it means to be good. Are you kind to those who are weaker than you? Or do you take advantage of them?

3. Bad lip-reading of Rick Perry, just for cheap laughs:



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