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Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA (1)

I was here for a conference a couple of years back, and I decided to attend the conference again this year. The travel was pretty much non-eventful. The connection in Charlotte was pretty tight, but I made it. The plane approached Pittsburgh from the southeast, and then banked left so we could fly over the center of the city. Since I had a window seat, I had a great view. I should have pulled out my camera and taken a picture, but I didn't. Reminds of the time a couple years ago when I was on a flight from Tokyo to Osaka, and there was Mt. Fuji, poking through the clouds. It would have been a great picture, but I neglected to take it.

This year the conference is at a hotel, and not on the Duquense campus. I've got a nice room a few miles away from the city center, but there are no sidewalks here, and few restaurants or stores. There is a Mexican place on the corner, but it didn't seem to have any business. I may try it tomorrow for lunch. This evening I was hungry; hadn't had anything to eat all day. So I walked about a half mile to a bar, where I drank Spaten on tap and had a German sausage sandwich. Pretty good. I sat at the bar and talked sports with a local. You know what? You can still smoke in the bars in PA. How about that? Not in Carolina. Not in New York City.

Saturday night the Pirates play the Cincinnati Reds here. After the game, The Steve Miller Band is going to play. I'm thinking about skipping the banquet and going to the ball game... hmmm.

The conference starts tomorrow at three. I figure the Radisson is about a half a mile from where I'm staying. An easy walk. I'll just chill during the daytime, fine tune my paper a bit. And head over there about three. At 6:30 there is a cocktail. I present at 2:30 on Saturday. I've got a little paper on Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes.

The dilemma: conference banquet Saturday night, or Pirates game and Steve Miller Band?



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