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Catamount Community Radio - September 11, 2011

I forgot my headphones today ... Back in the day the radio station provided headphones, but I reckon they now think that sharing headphones is gross and unhygienic. No problem; I can manage without headphones. The only difference is that when the mic is on you can't hear how the signal is going out, but by looking at the meters you know if the levels are fine. I always record my show on cassette anyway, perhaps out of vanity, but the way I see it, to be able to critique myself. So later on today I'll give it a listen and see how it came out.

So, the tenth anniversary of 9/11/01. For one thing it tells us about the subliminal importance that numbers have for us. The only reason why the tenth anniversary is so important to us is that we use a base ten system, probably because we have ten fingers, if we count our thumbs. If our system was base nine, last year would have been the big year. My initial thought when I heard about the attacks was, "Oh the rhetoric that this is going to generate." Maybe that seems a little callous, considering the deaths ... but you have to admit that I was right. The real sad thing is that people took advantage of the tragedy to make money, to push for pet projects and wars. And the wars that 9/11 generated have cost vastly more lives than than the attacks themselves, well over 100,000, I would say. Anyway, I marked the occasion by opening and closing the show with the Star-Spangled Banner. And here I am, contributing to the endless rhetoric about 9/11... and, by the way, listening to Glen Jones give his first-hand account. He was living on 3rd Street at the time. Check it out on the archives, if you have the notion (and while you're there, check out some earlier shows, to hear the irrepressible X.Ray Burns, who says the darndest things, as Art Linkletter was prone to say, although to my knowledge, Art didn't say it in the prone position).

I used to have this problem (didn't we all?) .... I mean, I wouldn't speak up at the mic. Jim Dandy would recommend, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, that I "whisper a little bit louder" and my daughter would mock me with a whispered "and now, we'll listen to one by ... Cat Stevens." I mentioned it on the air, and even whispered an introduction to ... Cat Stevens, or Yusef Islam, as I believe he now calls himself.

We listened to two from Ellington, a late Paul Gonsalves era tune ... and an early one, "Caravan," featuring some awesome growling trumpet from Cootie Williams and a New Orleans-style clarinet solo by Barney Bigard.

We heard Dr. Octagon rap:

September is upon us, so we heard Dinah Washington with "September in the Rain" and Sarah Vaughan and Clifford Brown doing "September Song."

Nicholas Payton gave a modern twist to a classic: "After You've Gone" (a hit for Bessie Smith in the twenties). Boxer, auto-body repairman, father of 13 and New Orleans singer extraordinaire Lee Dorsey did "Yes We Can." Garfunkel and Simon with "America." I read once that Art Garfunkel enjoys reading the dictionary ... now that's one long poem! What else? Monk, John Kirby and his Onyx Club Band, Sly and the Family Stone. Turn your umbrellas upside down, because it's raining "Pennies from Heaven" from those swinging cats Oscar Peterson and Stan Getz.

I get a kick out of it when I meet Hartwell in the hallway and he tells me about the latest horrendous cover I've played that has offended all norms of taste and decency. I tried to offend him today with a cover of "Big Yellow Taxi." I hope I was successful. If not, I've got a cover of "Killer Queen" up my sleeve that should have him pulling out his hair while spinning the dial towards "A Prairie Home Companion."

Last Monday was a great day. No school on Labor Day and it rained all day long. I spent the day cooking, listening to music, and drinking wine. It hasn't rained since. I tried to induce the gods into making it rain by playing Led Zeppelin. If it doesn't rain this week, we'll hear Led Zep again next week, and so on until it finally rains as it's supposed to.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST) on Power 90.5. Tune in!

1. Charlie Daniels Band – The Star-Spangled Banner
2. Brad Mehldau – Alfie
3. Hank Jones – You’d Be so Nice to Come Home to
4. Duke Ellington – Eque
5. Duke Ellington – Caravan
6. Taj Mahal – It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
7. Little Wille John – Talk to Me
8. Johnny Hartman – It Was Almost Like a Song
9. Sly & the Family Stone – If You Want Me to Stay
10. Oscar Peterson & Stan Getz – Pennies from Heaven
11. Dinah Washington – September in the Rain
12. Simon & Garfunkel – America
13. Nick Lowe – So It Goes
14. John Coltrane – After the Rain
15. Abdullah Ibrahim – For Coltrane
16. Aquila Rose & RDM – Big Yellow Taxi
17. Takako Minekowa – Fancy Work Funk
18. Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa – Coração vagabundo
19. Francis Bebey – Guitar Makossa
20. Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can
21. Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers
22. Thelonious Monk – Work
23. Amadou & Mariam – M’bife (balafon)
24. Bob Marley – So Much Trouble in the World
25. Cat Stevens – Trouble
26. John Kirby & his Onyx Club Boys – Coquette
27. Nicholas Payton – After You’ve Gone
28. Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
29. Sarah Vaughan & Clifford Brown – September Song
30. Oakenfold w/ Shifty Shellshock – Starry-eyed Surprise
31. Charlie Daniels Band – The Star-Spangled Banner

Lee Dorsey?

Kool Keith, a.k.a Dr. Octagon



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