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Catamount Community Radio - August 28, 2011

A storm, by the name of Irene, is making its way up the East Coast, but you'd never know it here in the mountains if it weren't for the mass media. I wanted to participate in the storm, I wanted to be in an apartment on the 37th floor of a skyscraper in Manhattan with the wind shaking it, making the plates and glasses rattle in the cupboards, the elevator turned off, but it doesn't matter, because I've stocked up on food and liquor ... but here the sun is shining, and I can only participate vicariously in this storm.

So I played Neil Young doing "Like a Hurricane," a tune that I would describe, if I were given one word to describe it, as "relentless." I played three different versions of "Stormy Weather," each excellent in its own way. A doo-wop version by the Spaniels, a rock version by Reigning Sound, and a jazz version by George Benson. The version of a song that we like best is often the first version we become familiar with ... not the original version or the "best" version. So it is with "Stormy Weather." Back in the eighties I bought a disc called "It's Uptown with the George Benson Quartet" with this tune on it. Benson on guitar on vocals, accompanied by drums, bass and ... bari sax! I still think this album is the shiznit. So much better than the latter sing-along-with-the-guitar-solo George Benson. Oh, the records I bought at Flat, Black & Circular!

What other storm-related tunes were heard? Norah Jones covering Randy Newman's "I Think it's Gonna Rain Today." Dylan's "A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall." Tom Waits, "Bride of Rain Dog." Los Lobos, with "Can't Stop the Rain." I put on Led Zeppelin ... because I associate them with THUNDER, not because of any particular theme in the lyrics.

I played Erik Alexander and friends doing Ellington's "The Star-Crossed Lovers." The tune features prominently in a Japanese novel I read a couple years ago, whose author and title I can't remember, because there are three things I can never remember. One is names, another is faces, and I can't remember the third.

We listened to Janis Ian doing "At Seventeen."

To those of us who know the pain of valentines that never came,
And those whose names were never called when choosing sides for basketball.
It was long ago and far away; the world was younger than today
And dreams were all they gave for free to ugly duckling girls like me.
We all play the game and when we dare to cheat ourselves at solitaire.
Inventing lovers on the phone, repenting other lives unknown
That call and say, "Come dance with me," and murmur vague obscenities
At ugly girls like me at seventeen.

I can't help but wonder if such a downer of a song could be a hit in 2011. I doubt it.

My other little theme (pardon the pun) was "miniatures," tunes that clock in at under 90 seconds. If you take a gander at the play list, they're the ones signaled with an asterisk.

Catamount Community Radio, come rain or come shine, on Power 90.5, Sunday mornings, 10-12, hurricane time.

1. Hank Jones – A Child is Born
2. The Spaniels – Stormy Weather
3. Bobo Stenson – What Reason Could I Give?
4. Thelonious Monk – Abide with Me*
5. Mamadou Doumbia – Qui sait?*
6. Neil Young – Like a Hurricane
7. Fats Waller – Go Down Moses*
8. Moondog – Be a Hobo*
9. Roger Miller – King of the Road
10. George Benson – Stormy Weather
11. J Dilla – Welcome to Detroit*
12. Chen Gongliang – Ghu Zu Jun*
13. Led Zeppelin – Royal Orleans
14. Bob Dylan – A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall
15. The Futuristic Ensemble – In a Mist (Reprise)*
16. Phofo – Un petit melod*
17. Norah Jones – I Think it’s Gonna Rain Today
18. Tom Waits – Bride of Rain Dog*
19. Harry Nilsson – Turn on your Radio
20. Sufjan Stevens – Let’s Hear that String Part Again …*
21. Ben Allison – Music is Music
22. Salatin el Talab Orchestra – Helm*
23. Gavin Bryers – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet*
24. Haruomi Hosono – Windy Land
25. Yusef Lateef – The Three Faces of Balal
26. Janis Ian – At Seventeen
27. Eric Alexander et. Al. – The Star-Crossed Lovers
28. Roland Prince – Motivation
29. The Carpenters – A Song for You*
30. João Gilberto – Bim Bom*
31. Los Lobos – Can’t Stop the Rain
32. Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes – A Place Where I Can’t be Found
33. Reigning Sound – Stormy Weather
34. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Green Peppers*
35. Unknown Hinson – Unknown Hinson Theme*
36. Abdullah Ibrahim & Archie Shepp – Fortunato
37. Johnny Cash – Talking Vietnam Blues
38. Miles Davis – The Theme (take 2)*
39. Bill Frisell – Episode*


Bobo Stenson

Los Lobos



You deliberately didn't play goodnight Irene just to disprove my prediction didn't you! haha
I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

Re: Nostodandus

The truth is I'm just a pendejo. I didn't put 2 and 2 together. De veras. Sorry about that. Though I did use your "fizzle into a drizzle" line on the air, and gave you credit for it.

Re: Nostodandus

That's ok, pendejo. I thought maybe you were just avoiding the obvious. And my drizzle was a most enjoyable downpour that wouldn't quit. Good times my friend!

Re: Nostodandus

I'm jealous. There is nothing I would enjoy more than a day of rain.

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